“New California” Effort: Offers Escape from the Far Left

Jason Whitlock made a forthright statement during his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show last night, asserting it is impossible to coexist with ungodly individuals who cannot be trusted, an idea rooted in biblical teachings.

Whitlock calls for secession from radical left

Whitlock proposed secession or a form of national separation from the radical left, arguing that peaceful coexistence with those who perceive themselves as deities and operate outside the law is unattainable.

This was exemplified on Tuesday with the actions of Soros-supported DA Bragg in New York.

The Constitution asserts, “Congress holds the authority to welcome new states into the Union; nonetheless, the creation or establishment of a new state within another state’s jurisdiction is prohibited.”

Moreover, the formation of a state through the formation of two or more states or their parts requires the agreement of the concerned states’ legislatures, as well as Congress’s approval.”

“When a government undermines these objectives, it is the People’s right to modify it and establish a new government, building its foundation on principles and organizing its powers in a manner that appears most conducive to ensuring their security and well-being.”

New California State offers a solution for political divisions

No state has been admitted to the union without first demonstrating its capacity for self-governance. New California will showcase a governance system inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Upon its formation, New California is projected to become the sixth-largest state, surpassing Illinois and Pennsylvania, but remaining behind New York.

It is estimated that New California will be allocated 25-27 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Conversely, Old California will then rank as the second most populous state, falling behind Texas, but ahead of Florida, and losing 25-27 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

New California State offers a solution for those seeking tangible change in the current political dynamics between the right and the left.

The procedure for dividing states, detailed in Article IV, Section 3, enables the People to forge a new state that maintains the constitutional assurances outlined in Article IV, Section 4.

These guarantees encompass a republican form of government, safeguarding against invasions, and protection from domestic unrest.