New Democratic Campaign Partner Vowed to Abolish Police


RaeAnn Ensworth, the newly hired email strategist of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, once supported the ideology of abolishing the police.

She even said her “life’s mission” is to eliminate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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Ensworth called police officers “bastards”

Lamenting one of her earlier tweets in June 2020, Ensworth indicated she once supported the “8Can’tWait” movement as she thought it would divert funds from the police.

However, she later noted this movement is supposed to add money to the police budget. Going further, she even claimed she supported the abolition of police altogether.

In another tweet, she touted whenever someone searches her name on Google, the search engine shows results of how to “burn down a police station.”

Likewise, the Democratic Campaign’s Committee employee claimed the police in America do not protect the people they are supposed to help. She used the acronym ACAB to describe the police, which stands for, “All Cops Are Bastards.”


Besides her motive of abolishing prisons and police, the new Democratic hire also mentioned in one of her tweets that a garbage man deserves a uniform, instead of police, as those people actually serve the country.

Commenting on the hire, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) called it “disgraceful.”

Republicans criticized the controversial Democratic hire

Mike Berg, the spokesman of the NRCC, criticized Sean Patrick Maloney, the chair of the DCCC, noting he is hiring controversial people to expand his anti-police agenda in America. 

Ensworth is not the only anti-police official of DCCC. Another strategist of the same committee, Nijeria Boone, called police “terrorist groups.”

Kristin Slevin, the chief of staff of the DCCC, encouraged people to “raise hell” against the police. She also worked as a campaign partner for Sen. Elizabeth Warren in many previous elections.

Not only this, but Dyjuan Tatro, another controversial hire of the DCCC, likewise made headlines, as he is a former gang member convicted of shooting two people almost a decade ago.

“Capitol Jan 6” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Blinkofanaye

After the January 6 episode of the Congress attack, Tatro called the Capitol Hill police “white supremacists,” while labeling looting as protests against systemic racism.

Right after attracting the spotlight for her controversial tweet, Ensworth made her Twitter account private. She also deleted the intro of her Facebook profile which read, “no one is illegal.”

While the DCCC did not respond to the media’s comments upon the controversial hire, the campaign has a history of defending anti-police staff members.

Defending Tatro for his controversial remarks against the police, Sean Patrick Maloney said he is an “extraordinary individual,” who tweeted this stuff before joining the DCCC and deleted those tweets.

Many mayors of Democrat cities halted the funding of the police, largely after the murder of George Floyd.

Most of these cities are now facing a significant upsurge in crimes, which is forcing many liberal lawmakers to distance themselves from the controversial movement.