New Mexico Democrat Governor Violates Her Own Lockdown

"Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Third Way

Conduct from various Democrat governors across the nation continues to speak volumes about what the left-wing is truly all about. As elected officials issue shelter-in-place orders and demand that citizens abide by them, many of these leaders don’t hold themselves to the same standards.

Americans witnessed this in Michigan when Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s husband requested a docking company to put their boat on the water in Traverse City, despite this breaching state lockdown orders. Whitmer later attempted to smooth this over by stating that her husband made a “failed attempt at humor.”


Now, yet another instance of Democrats violating the shutdowns they expect others to abide by has materialized, this time in New Mexico.

Breitbart News reports that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham breached her own stay-at-home order last month by purchasing jewelry from a business deemed as “non-essential.”

What to Know About Gov. Grisham’s Violation of Her Own Lockdown

Like many left-wingers, Gov. Grisham views herself as exempt from the rules that she demands other people to follow. Following the New Mexico governor’s decision to shutter businesses that are supposedly “non-essential,” she phoned Lilly Barrack, ordered some jewelry, and then had an employee go out and deliver the jewelry to her.

Now, by Grisham’s own standards, this is a clear breach of her own lockdown. Purchasing jewelry is not “essential.” Having an employee go out, pick up, and deliver the jewelry is also not “essential.” If elected officials are going to issue and enact these stringent lockdowns, then they themselves must also abide by them. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Since reports of this story have broken, the New Mexico governor has attempted to save face by rewriting a new version of events.

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