New Poll: Most Americans View Illegal Immigration as National Security Threat

America is in the midst of a worsening illegal immigration crisis due to the failed policies of President Biden. Communities along the Southern border are now forced to exhaust their resources, taking on cartels, gangs, and other criminals exploiting the border crisis. 

“OTB Houston 2019-030” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Marshals Service

The Biden administration landed into hot water weeks ago after refusing to allow the media into the facilities holding migrants. Shortly thereafter, Americans learned that Vice President Kamala Harris will be responsible for handling the situations at the border; thus far, the nation has yet to hear from Harris or learn about any specific plan the White House has. 

Amid the worsening immigration crisis, a new poll shows that more than seven in ten Americans perceive illegal immigration as a national security threat, per Breitbart News

The American Public on Illegal Immigration 

A poll released yesterday by AP-NORC provided a very clear picture of where the American public stands on immigration.

Per the findings, a whopping 72% classified themselves as having “extreme” concerns about the threat that illegal immigration poses to the country. Another 27% of polled individuals listed themselves as having “moderate concerns” about illegal immigration’s threat to America.

Just 26% of U.S. adults claimed to have zero qualms about the threat illegal immigration brings to the nation. 

Monday’s AP-NORC poll very clearly shows that the vast majority of the nation is not supportive of illegal immigration. Yet, in spite of this, Democrats in Congress — with the backing of President Biden — are working day and night to pass amnesty bills into law. 

An Overlap into the Economic Crisis

The threat of illegal immigration is nothing less than bad news for the U.S. economy. Right now, the nation’s economy is working to recover from stagnation, shutdowns, and unemployment. 

Many conservatives have pointed out the irony of Democrats backing illegal immigration while also claiming to support working class Americans. After all, it is the jobs of the working class that are most often and harshly impacted by illegal immigration. 

As Democrats work to pass amnesty, they are only creating a greater demand for jobs while supply is already limited for numerous reasons. This once again speaks to the “America Last” direction that President Biden and Democrats are choosing to take the nation. 

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