New Whistleblower Revealed Biden’s Involvement With Son’s Business Deals

(CNN video snapshot)

A new whistleblower came forward, claiming to have direct knowledge of President Biden’s involvement with the foreign business deals of his son, Hunter, while he was serving as vice president.

Whistleblowers confessed damning information against Joe Biden, as they disclosed Biden was indeed involved in Hunter’s foreign business dealings while he was sitting as the vice president.

The whistleblower was identified by Senate investigators, and due to fear of retaliation, they opted to stay anonymous. 

Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s shady business dealings revealed

According to the whistleblower, they were details to a conference call back in 2012 involving then-Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden, Jeff Cooper, Hunter’s business partner, the late Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Key Reid, his son, who was also in business with Hunter. 

The 2012 conference call was about online gambling in Latin America, a new venture of Hunter, Key, and Jeff. The whistleblower added that then-VP Biden was an active participant on the call, talking about details of the business and providing advice as a “silent partner.”

The intel added that Joe Biden was not passive. In fact, he was actively talking about the online gambling business plan. The whistleblower then added if he had to describe the then-VP, he was acting as one of the Board of Directors.

On the other hand, Cooper made a statement to, denying having a call with Joe Biden in relation to any of his companies. He added that this damning news was a “complete fabrication.”

Hunter, Key and the White House did not make any statement when requested for comment. 

Moreover, the whistleblower added that Biden also made queries about the revenue forecasts and about when would the online gambling software be ready. He likewise complimented Cooper on securing the licenses for gambling from the Peruvian government.

The individual added that with his direct observations, it was apparent Joe Biden was involved and participating in this business venture. 

The new whistleblower is the second person to come forward, attesting to Biden’s involvement

Although the alleged conference call was not recorded, the whistleblower’s identity was independently verified.  The individual was closely involved with the company of Cooper for years, including at the time when the alleged call was made.

Accordingly, the details of the story were also supported and verified by corporate filings and government records. The whistleblower also handed emails, documents, and photos to support the account of their involvement with Hunter and Cooper’s company. 


The whistleblower is the second person to testify about Joe Biden’s part in his son’s business dealings.

This was after Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s ex-business partner, revealed in October 2020 that he talked directly with Biden about the deal with CEFC, a Chinese oil giant.