New York Governor Admits COVID-19 Projection Models “Failed”

"Andrew Cuomo" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by shinya

COVID-19 and subsequent reactions to it from leftists continue to highlight the failed leadership of Democrats. For months now, Democrats have maintained that shutdowns are the only solution to coronavirus.

First, they claimed that America must remain under safer-at-home orders until the curve flattened; then, after the curve flattened, Democrats moved the goalpost, declaring that safer-at-home orders should remain ongoing until a vaccine for coronavirus is produced.


Worse yet, Democrats have justified their support for indefinite shutdowns by citing COVID-19 projection models as supportive evidence. However, just yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted that projection models for coronavirus have “failed” and turned out to be “all wrong,” documents Fox News.

Cuomo on Failed Coronavirus Projection Models

On Memorial Day, the New York governor participated in a press conference, fielding an inquiry about when the state’s economy will begin to reopen. It was during this time when Gov. Cuomo professed to be “out of that business” of speculating due to consistently erroneous COVID-19 models.

After stating that projection models from national experts were “all wrong,” the New York governor then proceeded to assert that a two-week decline in COVID-19 cases is necessary, prior to reopening. However, due to ongoingly wrong coronavirus projection models from so-called experts, Gov. Cuomo confessed that he has no idea when New York will reach the 14-day decline period.

During the press conference, the New York governor stated that there are a series of factors which will impact reopening. Shortly after saying that he “doesn’t want to guess,” Cuomo declared that New York is gradually preparing for when COVID-19 numbers begin to drop.

What do you make of failed coronavirus projection models from people who are supposed to be experts? When do you think New York will begin to truly re-engage their economy? Let us know in the comments section below!