New York Setting Up COVID-19 “Checkpoints” for Travelers, Visitors

"Manhattan Sunset - New York City" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Andreas Komodromos

For many Americans, the line continues to blur between health measures to stop the spread of coronavirus and draconian edicts designed to control citizens under the false pretense of safety.

In many Democrat-run states, lockdowns are back on. Residents are facing orders not to travel or have a certain number of people over for Thanksgiving; Democrats are even encouraging Americans to turn on one another by “reporting” individuals who breach gathering limits to celebrate today.

“Bright lights, big city – New York City” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Andreas Komodromos

In the face of reported coronavirus increases, New York is taking measures that most Americans would only read about in dystopian fiction novels. As Breitbart News confirms, New York City is setting up coronavirus checkpoints for travelers, visitors, and residents.

A Briefing of New York City’s COVID-19 Checkpoints

On Tuesday, Sheriff Joseph Fucito spoke at a press conference alongside New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat.

Fucito warned New Yorkers and incoming travelers of “vehicle checkpoints” that shall be scattered throughout the city. In issuing this warning, the sheriff also declared that as the holiday season approaches and carries out, police will be “out in force” throughout the city.

Part of officers’ work will entail reviews of buses arriving out of state, vehicles coming from outside the city, etc. Fucito stated during this week’s press conference that law enforcement will inform various individuals of New York’s quarantine rules and the necessary steps to abide by these rules.

At this time, New York mandates that travelers entering the state test negative for COVID-19 twice and within a four day period. As of now, New York’s quarantine period is for 14 consecutive days; violators who break this quarantine are subject to fines.

Response from the Public

Setting checkpoints throughout the city is something that most folks wouldn’t imagine as happening in America; furthermore, many citizens also have questions.

What is the science behind these checkpoints? How long will New Yorkers and travelers be subjected to checkpoints in the city? Sheriff Fucito claims it’s for the safety of everyone; yet, a growing number of Americans believe otherwise.

Knowledge of New York City’s decisions to establish checkpoints throughout the locality has engendered strong criticism on social media sites, such as Twitter.

What do you think about New York City’s decision to have “checkpoints” for residents and travelers? Do you believe this is really about science and public health? Let us know in the comments section below!