New Yorkers May Never Dine Indoors without COVID-19 Vaccine

What started off as “15 Days to Slow the Spread” has turned into the possibility of a full return to normal not happening without a coronavirus vaccine. At least, this is what is being fed to many Americans living under Democrats’ leadership.

Vaccine developers have indicated that restrictions like mandatory masks and social distancing may not go away even with a vaccine; however, as the goalposts continue to move from one point to another, Americans are getting tired and more critical.


Earlier this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City once again touted a coronavirus vaccine as a necessary tool for a return to normal.

Breitbart News reports De Blasio’s claim that a vaccine for the virus that is over 99% survivable is a necessity before New Yorkers can expect to dine indoors again.

A Closer Look at the New York Mayor on the Almighty Vaccine

During a press conference on Monday, the New York City mayor stated that a vaccine for coronavirus will be a “huge step forward” towards the allowance of indoor dining. De Blasio also claimed that in spite of certain case drops, New York City is still not in the position to permit indoor dining, even at reduced capacities.

In additional remarks, De Blasio informed that he and his team will continue seeking ways to “push down the virus enough” to consider indoor dining; however, in light of the ways that New York has gone about handling the virus, state residents shouldn’t hold their breath.

Vaccine developers have already warned that even when a COVID-19 vaccine arrives, it’s unlikely to be fully effective. As the vaccine works its way through production and testing, many Americans have concerns about the government seeking to mandate the vaccine as they’re doing with face masks.

Virginia, for instance, has already announced plans to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for the whole state while scrapping exemptions.

Indoor Dining Across the Nation

In many parts of the nation, indoor restaurant dining has already resumed, even with certain social distancing restrictions.

The New York City mayor, on the other hand, is on record previously stating that eating inside restaurants may not resume until June 1, 2021. Americans have warned that if New York truly waits this long until allowing indoor dining, there may be no restaurants to come back to.

Like California, countless New York residents who can afford to move out are already doing so.

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