Newsmax Ratings Surge, Posing Threat to Competition

"Mr Donald Trump New Hampshire Town Hall" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Michael Vadon

Increasing discontent with the mainstream media only serves as a vehicle for alternative platforms. This explains why outlets such as Gab, Parler, and Newsmax(TV) are becoming increasingly more popular.

Many right-wingers and conservatives view the mainstream press as dishonest; they also believe that mainstream social media networks are intentionally censoring the posts and content of anyone who dares to articulate conservative views.

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The shift in attitude towards the mainstream media is why Newsmax has steadily gained ratings and viewers. According to Newsmax themselves, the platform now has the 4th highest cable news ratings in America; this, of course, has turned the conservative platform into a target for its competitors.

The Latest and Breaking Developments on Newsmax

Newsmax(TV) has become increasingly more popular amongst conservatives, especially since the 2020 presidential election. Many Americans on the right aren’t pleased with Fox News anymore, although it was once a beloved and trusted platform in right-wing circles.

In any event, the sky-high cable ratings have caused CNN to push for Newsmax’s de-platforming and removal from all U.S. satellite and cable systems. Per CNN, Newsmax is culpable for “election denialism” (at least this is CNN’s official story) and therefore shouldn’t have a space on the air.

In actuality though, CNN and other platforms are merely seeking to take down the increasingly formidable competition against them.

An Ongoing Pattern of Censorship

The ongoing pattern of conservative censorship in this country is what’s led to platforms like Newsmax increasing in popularity; yet, CNN and other outlets simply don’t get it. Shutting down conservative speech and opinions will not make them go away; it only divides the nation and fuels resentments in the hearts of Americans.

Thus far, Newsmax(TV) is here to stay. Many Republicans enjoy tuning into Newsmax and the outlet’s gradual surge in ratings speaks volumes. If CNN and additional mainstream sources don’t wish to face such steep competition from Newsmax and similar outlets, then they can only blame years-long mass censorship of right-wingers.

As long as alternative media comes under attack, the importance of its presence will only become more pronounced to the American people.

What do you make of CNN’s work to de-platform Newsmax? Do you think mainstream outlets have made their own beds by refusing to stop censoring conservative viewpoints? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the rise of alternative media in the comments section below.