NIH Admitted Funding Wuhan Research and Fauci Should be Fired

In an interview on Sunday night, Republican Senator Rand Paul stated top disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, should be fired.

This statement came after the revelation made by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) last week. This revelation admitted they indeed funded gain-of-function research on COVID-19. 

NIH admitted in a letter they indeed funded “limited experiments” on coronaviruses

During the interview, Senator Paul mentioned a letter written by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to Republican Representative James Comer.

In the letter, the NIH admitted they conducted “limited experiments” in order to test whether the spokes of protein that naturally occur in coronaviruses in bats from China could bind with the human ACE2 receptor.

According to critics, the claims made in this letter contradict the long-held claim made by Fauci, repeatedly denying they funded gain-of-function research in China. 

Paul continued, stating Fauci should be fired, if not for stating blatant lies, then at least for lack of judgment. He added the top disease specialist will continue to mislead Americans about the truth of what is happening and what has happened.

The interviewer, Mike Allen, then told Paul it is highly unlikely for Biden to fire Fauci. The senator answered he would be pleased if an investigation about the gain-of-function research would at least be done, which he has been requesting for months. 

NIH admitted laboratory mice infected with modified coronavirus got “sicker”

It can be noted the NIH recently admitted to doing gain-of-function research in China on bats with coronaviruses. The letter stated the laboratory mice infected with coronavirus evidently got “sicker,” compared to the mice that had the “unmodified” virus.

On the other hand, Principal Deputy Director of NIH, Larence A. Tabak, accused EcoHealth Alliance of not being honest and transparent about the research that was taking place in Wuhan. 

Gain-of-function research is a scientific term used when extracting viruses from animals in a laboratory. This is done in order to artificially engineer them and make them deadly and more transmissible to humans. 

Despite the issues surrounding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, Fauci (the sitting director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID)), repeatedly denied any funding funneled to Wuhan. 

However, NIAID provided millions to EcoHealth Alliance in the form of grant money; this was then transferred by the nonprofit organization to a Wuhan laboratory. According to reports, at least $600,000 was funneled to coronavirus research. 

When Fauci was pressed by Senator Paul about the previous statements he made, Fauci maintained he never lied. The controversial official then said he did not wish to withdraw any statements he made before Congress.

Fauci then claimed that Paul supposedly had not a single clue of the matters he was talking about.