North Carolina Confirms Willingness to Host Republican National Convention

"Nashville MAGA Rally 5-29-18" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by southerntabitha

The presence of coronavirus in the United States has thrown a wrench in many previous plans. Even as the nation gradually reopens for business, many people are concerned about a second wave of COVID-19. These concerns are prompting talks about whether or not events like concerts, sports, and even political conventions should take place.


Earlier in the week, President Trump informed North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) of the need to express whether the state can host the Republican National Convention. In so doing, Trump informed Cooper that if North Carolina isn’t up to the task, there are many other states that would be happy to volunteer.

On Friday, however, Gov. Cooper issued a statement via his spokesperson; in this statement, the North Carolina governor confirmed the state’s willingness to host the Republican National Convention, reports Fox News.

What to Know About Plans for the RNC

Per Gov. Cooper’s spokesperson, North Carolina will collaborate with Republican leaders to ensure that the Republican National Convention can happen in a secure manner.

The governor’s spokesperson did not go into lengthy detail about what the collaboration will entail; however, this update does put a pin in the uncertainty regarding whether the convention will take place in North Carolina.

Thus far, some proposed safety measures for the Republican National Convention have been publicized. These measures entail temperature checks, health surveys prior to travel, and more. The facility set to host the convention is also likely to undergo very deep cleaning for sanitation purposes and the reduction of germ-spreading.

Confirmatory news about the Republican National Convention in North Carolina arrives as the 2020 election continues to heat up.

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