North Korea Responded to US Military Drills by Firing Missiles

Strategic tensions in the Korean peninsula are rising after North Korea’s consistent efforts to fire ballistic missiles over South Korea and Japan.

On Saturday night, North Korea launched two more ballistic missiles toward the eastern waters of the peninsula, shortly after the US-South Korea military drills ended.

North Korea Launches More Missiles Over South Korea and Japan

According to a statement released by South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, they detected two missiles within a gap of ten minutes on Saturday night.

So, the Joint Chiefs continued, they are strengthening their security in coordination with America. In addition to that, Japan confirmed North Korea fired two ballistic missiles. 

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida advised his officials to gather and analyze all the information about the missile launches so the public can be informed about the strategic tensions in the region.

Similarly, Kishida also asked Japanese forces to ensure the security of all ships and aircraft within the naval and aerial boundaries of Japan.

This is the seventh time in the last two weeks that North Korea has done weapons testing. The latest experiments come in the aftermath of US and South Korea-combined naval drills, in which a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, also participated.

Just before the start of the US-South Korea drills, Kim Jong-un also fired a powerful missile over Japan in protest against the participation of the nuclear carrier in the previous drills.

That attack of North Korea prompted the US to involve the USS Ronald Reagan in the naval drills once again.

Hirokazu Matsuno, the spokesperson of the Japanese government, also condemned Kim Kong-un’s warring ambitions. Matsuno insisted North Korea is consistently launching ballistic missiles, which pose direct threats to Japan’s security.

Furthermore, Matsuno claimed the whole international community is facing security threats, due to Kim Jong-un’s assertive military posture, which intensified in recent days.

Military Tensions in Korean Peninsula Are Rising

Missile firing is not the only ongoing military activity in Korea these days.

Earlier this week, 12 North Korean fighter jets also flew in formation near the South Korean border. Eventually, South Korea also mobilized its 30 warplanes, which increased the fears of a dogfight in the region.

Despite conducting military drills, both US and South Korea have established they do not have any ambition to attack North Korea.

Meanwhile, North Korea condemned the involvement of the USS Ronald Reagan in the naval drills.

North Korea’s defense ministry claimed the nuclear carrier is causing unprecedented security tensions in the region, which is the actual reason for North’s assertive posture. 

Likewise, North Korean state media KCNA defended Kim Jong-un’s actions. According to the media outlet, North Korea is doing missile testing in self-defense, which is essential to protect the country’s security.

All the missile testing is normal and depicts the right type of reaction by North Korea’s military, the media outlet noted.