NRA Sends Out Critical Announcement to U.S. Gun Owners

Gun ownership is a constitutionally-protected right that many Americans cherish. The right to bear arms is one that continues to come under partisan attack, however, with Democrats leading the charge for more gun control measures.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the strongest and most established Second Amendment groups in the nation. This makes the NRA a target for Democrats and leftists who oppose gun ownership and therefore strive to make it as difficult as possible.

“GLOCK 23” (CC BY 2.0) by MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito)

On Monday, the NRA sent out a public service announcement. As Breitbart News explains, this announcement speaks to upcoming measures that Joe Biden and congressional Democrats will take to systemically erode gun ownership.

The Warning from the NRA

Yesterday, the NRA disclosed information it received from anonymous sources in the nation’s capital. This information confirms that in the week ahead, the president and his Democrat allies in Congress will seek to ram through deeply restrictive gun control measures.

A few examples of these measures include the following: mandatory registration of all guns and ammunition, prohibitions of so-called assault weapons, and also the reversal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Furthermore, if Democrats get their way, selling, purchasing, and owning firearms and ammunition in America will become very difficult.

After alerting gun owners (and by extent, the rest of America) about what the 46th president and Democrats in Washington have planned, the NRA urged its members to “stay tuned.”

The Legality of Massive Gun Control Legislation

Despite what Democrats may wish, the right to bear arms is still in the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, legislation that infringes upon this right will undoubtedly be challenged; moreover, governors at the state level have certain leeway when it comes to the enforcement of laws that may or may not be constitutional.

The days and weeks ahead in America will be very telling. Meanwhile, the White House has already confirmed Biden’s interest in restricting gun ownership. This is one reason why the sales of firearms drastically surged after the 46th president’s swearing into office.

Finally, many conservatives are already predicting that the legislation Democrats seek to pass on gun control will never hold up in the courts.

What do you think of the NRA’s announcement on Monday? Do you believe Biden and Democrats will successfully pass sweeping, draconian gun control restrictions? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.