NYC “Strongly Recommended” Masks for People Indoors

On Monday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made an announcement saying he will not be imposing a mask mandate for people. Instead, wearing masks will only be “strongly recommended”, particularly in indoor public places, whether the individual is fully vaccinated or not. 

The recommendation by the New York City mayor came after CDC issued new mask guidelines as the delta COVID variant spreads through the U.S. Most people who were badly affected were those who haven’t had the vaccine yet. 

New York Mayor De Blasio “highly recommended” people to wear masks, regardless of their COVID vaccination status

De Blasio stated that his office reviewed the data coming from CDC. He added that they highly recommend for people wear masks in indoor places, even when they are fully vaccinated. De Blasio also mentioned that the recommendation is important, especially in cases where you could be exposed to people who are not vaccinated. 

The New York City mayor then reminded us that unvaccinated individuals are already required to wear masks in indoor and outdoors. Other than this, everyone, whether vaccinated or or unvaccinated, should wear masks when riding any mass transportation, or inside schools, hospitals, as well as other congregate settings.

De Blasio emphasized that so far, vaccines are still the number one most effective weapon against coronavirus. However, they also believe that there are places where people are recommended to wear masks. The mayor latter confirmed that he is indeed mandating COVID vaccination for every newly hired employee in New York City before they start working. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo implied that he would probably impose a vaccination mandate for officials that have a high risk of exposure

The announcement made by De Blasio came minutes after New York governor, Andrew Cuomo called on the local government officials to urge people to wear masks in accordance with the recommendations given by the CDC. Cuomo clarified that the state has to pass a law before they can require people to wear masks.

The New York governor also made another recommendation for owners of private businesses to only allow people inside the establishment if they are fully vaccinated.

Cuomo furthermore mandated that all employees of New York Port Authority and MTA either get vaccinated or have weekly COVID tests done. The governor also suggested the possibility of imposing the same mandate for officials that faces the public as these positions have a high risk of exposure. 

The New York governor says that it is now the responsibility of the local government to act. He then gave a warning that if the government doesn’t act, the state will be in the same situation as it was last year, where COVID became a state emergency.