Officials in D.C. on Edge About Protest Against 2020 Election Results

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The declaration of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States is not sitting well with many Americans. With all the reports of voter fraud, ballot tabulation errors, etc., a plethora of folks are convinced that Democrats stole the White House from President Trump.

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On this upcoming Wednesday, many of the president’s most loyal supporters will protest in Washington D.C. This demonstration is taking place on the same day that Congress gathers to certify Biden as the next president. Several Republicans plan to object to these proceedings and other prominent conservatives are expected to speak at the protest in D.C.

According to Breitbart News, the upcoming political rally has some officials in Washington D.C. concerned about chaos or other dangerous aftermaths.

Objections to the D.C. Rally on January 6

According to officials in the nation’s capital, there are worries that political extremists will attend the event and then intentionally cause fights and disruptions. Property damage to the city is also being cited as a concern, due to outbreaks of violence during previous political demonstrations across America.

Certain hotels, bars, and other institutions in D.C. are therefore deciding to shut down temporarily as a means of prevention against violence. In a statement, the Harrington Hotel and Harry’s cited its decision to close on January 6 as a means of safeguarding the well-being of “visitors, guests and employees.”

None of this is deterring Trump backers from making their way to D.C. this Wednesday. Many conservatives feel strongly about this latest presidential election; they’re also not OK with rolling over and simply doing nothing. Much of the right-wing base is furthermore calling for all congressional Republicans to reject the process to certify Biden’s electoral college votes.

The Potential and Likelihood of Violence on January 6

Whether or not violence breaks out depends upon attendees of the event. If extremist groups appear in D.C. this Wednesday and provoke violence, it is then likely to occur.

Nevertheless, businesses and other communities in the nation’s capital are preparing themselves. The events on January 6 are also likely to be a wild card, with so many factors involved. At the end of the day, there is no clear way to assure that violence will or won’t take place. However, each attendee at the D.C. rally can do their own part not to instigate or engage in violence.

What do you think will happen in Washington D.C. on January 6? Do you also have concerns about violence breaking out? Let us know in the comments section below.