Oil Companies Teach Biden Not to Lie

President Biden is blaming everyone, except himself, for the surging oil prices.

However, representatives from the oil and gas industry believe the policies of the Biden administration are responsible for rising inflation at pumps.

Biden is Falsely Blaming Oil Companies for Inflation

Kathleen Sgamma, the president of Western Energy Alliance, told Fox News Biden should not blame Putin and American energy stakeholders for oil inflation.

According to her, oil and gas industries do not regulate prices, as they are price takers and not “price makers.”

She further noted that oil prices are set globally, so the president should stop singling out different entities for the rising prices.

The primary reason for increasing oil prices is the higher demand, which is intensifying supply-side issues; so “various factors” are responsible for the price surge, the expert noted.

Thus, Sgamma stated oil price hikes could be curbed by increasing production, and industries are willing to do that.

Earlier, Biden was blaming the Russian president for the rising gas inflation. However, his latest target became US energy companies, as he tweeted they are amassing big profits at the expense of the average American.

The president posted that as oil prices are declining, gas prices should also follow suit. Biden claimed gas prices were standing at $3.62 per gallon when oil touched $96 per barrel.

Now, even oil prices are lower; yet, the gas is touching $4.31 per gallon, the president continued.

So, Biden added, American oil companies should curb their profits to facilitate hard-working Americans, and give consumers the much-needed relief.

Dan Naatz, the executive vice president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, pointed out the Biden administration should stop its “relentless assault” on American oil and gas companies.

He further added under the increased regulations and more taxes, members of the oil business are feeling endangered, as Jen Psaki is putting unrealistic demands in front of the oil companies.

The issue can only be addressed when a proper dialogue is started between oil companies and the Biden administration.

White House Cooking Up Lies to Counter Inflation

Trade groups have also sent a letter to the White House recently, highlighting the “deep hostility” of the administration toward oil and gas companies.

Reportedly, Democrats are under severe pressure to curb the rising inflation as the midterm elections loom.

Should they fail to do it, they are likely to lose their tiny majority in both chambers of Congress, which will essentially bring Biden’s legislative agenda to a halt.

However, all of the tactics are backfiring, as oil prices continue to surge.

This is prompting the White House to rely on the messaging war and perpetuate lies to the masses, so the blame for rising prices can be diverted toward oil companies and Russia.