Oklahoma Bans Critical Race Theory Teachings

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In yet another maneuver for a socialist takeover of America, Democrats are pushing for the teaching of critical race theory in schools across the nation. 

Critical race theory inherently pits different races against one another. It asserts whites as inherent oppressors and blacks as inherent victims, an ideology that is clearly untrue and dangerous. Now, Democrats want this to become par for the course in schools, but Republicans aren’t having it. 

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Thus far, multiple GOP governors have taken action to prohibit the teachings of critical race theory in schools. Yesterday, Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill to protect against the poison that is critical race theory, as Breitbart News reports. 

No Critical Race Theory Teachings in Oklahoma Schools

The inherent teachings of critical race theory are problematic enough; however, its ties to Marxism are simply all the more reason why children shouldn’t be indoctrinated with this garbage. 

On Friday, Governor Stitt signed a bill that bars schools from inundating children with critical race theory teachings. In a public statement, the GOP governor declared that dividing Oklahoma students on the basis of race or gender is unacceptable for both public education and taxpayer dollars. 

Stitt also spoke about the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; he noted King’s interest in having people judged by the content of their character and not by their race. Critical race theory actually goes against the teachings of Dr. King and indoctrinates impressionable minds into using race or gender to define themselves. 

Education vs. Indoctrination 

Democrats came out yesterday against legislation barring the teachings of critical race theory. Oklahoma leftists claimed that this law is unnecessary and seeks to “erase” the existence of certain people. 

Critical race theory, unfortunately, is something that the left continues rallying behind as a means of indoctrinating, not educating, young minds. There are differences between teaching children what to think vs. teaching children how to think for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions. 

The teachings shared with children matter greatly, especially when these teachings pertain to how young people will think, perceive themselves, and view the world around them. 

Are you glad that Oklahoma now prohibits the teachings of critical race theory in schools throughout the state? Do you think these teachings are divisive in general? Give us your thoughts on critical race theory in schools down below in the comments section.