Omicron Variant Invades America Before Christmas

The newly released data by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated the rising omicron variant in the United States, amounting to over 73% of new infections.

Omicron is currently gaining ground in the Central Midwest, South Pacific Northwest, and New York, concerning watchdogs trying hard to curb the spread before Christmas.

Omicron variant comprises of most COVID cases in the US

Currently, New York is reporting almost 10% of new omicron cases found in the US.

Meanwhile, other countries, including the UK, South Africa, and Denmark, are also showing an upward tick of the strain. UK authorities reported the omicron variant spread three times faster than the delta variant.

According to Houston Methodist Hospital, omicron cases account for 82% of new symptomatic coronavirus cases in the city; meanwhile, the variant was discovered less than three weeks ago. The delta variant reached this point in more than three months.

Boston is another place highly infected by the omicron virus, with the city’s mayor introducing sweeping measures, including proof of vaccination for many indoor facilities. However, the mayor did not order any place to shut down.

As per CDC data, omicron cases were less than 1% at the start of December; however, they have reached nearly three-quarters of reported COVID cases.

The new variant has fewer hospitalization rates

However, the silver lining is that data from South Africa reveals the omicron variant is likely to cause less severe disease, compared to early variants of the virus.

This data was backed by the fact that hospitalizations related to the omicron variant in the United States are still fewer than earlier waves.

President Biden is scheduled to speak to the public about the omicron variant on Tuesday. During his speech, he is expected to reinforce the need for vaccines, which experts believe would help him in extending his political agenda.

Despite surging cases, Biden often claimed lockdowns are not necessary, while the CDC also established schools should remain open.

However, CDC guidelines came into the spotlight when the department recommended children exposed to the virus need to “test to stay” at schools, instead of observing quarantines.

William Haseltine, a famous virologist, recommended Americans should not enjoy holiday parties this year and must cancel any travel plans. 

Likewise, he asserted no one learned lessons from the previous waves of the virus, and now everyone will pay a high price for ignorance.

Similarly, Dr. Nadine T. Himelfarb, a Rhode Island-based physician, noted the healthcare system of the state is collapsing, which can have dire consequences.

She said people are dying with doctors near them who are unable to treat patients because of the lack of staff and necessary infrastructure.

Recently, Kamala Harris admitted the Biden administration failed to predict the sudden rise of omicron and delta variants.