Orangetown Resists NYC Mayor’s Migrant Relocation Proposal

Communities adjacent to New York City may soon find themselves entangled in the border predicament, as a proposal introduced by Mayor Eric Adams suggests.

The intention of Adams’ plan is to transport migrants via buses to lodgings in nearby suburbs, purportedly striving to counterbalance expenses incurred from accommodating individuals arriving in The Big Apple from border towns in Texas.

Orangetown Officials Express Outrage Over Ambush Decision

On Monday’s “Fox & Friends,” Orangetown, New York Supervisor Teresa Kenny expressed her dismay, stating neither she nor other Rockland County officials had been consulted about this decision.

Speaking with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, she characterized the situation as bearing an uncanny resemblance to an “ambush.”

Recounting her experience, she mentioned, “On Friday, near 11 o’clock, I received a call from the mayor, who informed me of this nascent program, emphasizing its preliminary nature and the possibility of it materializing.”

“At that moment, the certainty of receiving individuals at a designated site in Orangetown remained ambiguous,” she continued.

Kenny divulged that her attempts to obtain further details from the mayor’s team proved fruitless; however, they assured her they would reestablish contact to discuss the program at a later time.

On Friday, when announcing the initiative, Adams aspired to accommodate over 300 individual male asylum-seekers by offering them provisional lodging in hotels situated in Orange Lake and Orangeburg.

New York Supervisor Expresses Concerns Over Proposed Migrant Shelter

This proposition emerges merely days prior to the anticipated termination of the Title 42 border policy, instituted during the COVID era.

The impending conclusion of this policy heightens concerns that an escalated influx of migrants may unleash turmoil within the city, necessitating the relocation of these individuals to alternative locations to alleviate financial burdens.

Kenny conveyed her concerns to Kilmeade, stating, “Our primary worry revolves around public safety. We’re uncertain if background checks have been conducted on these individuals.”

On Sunday, Orangetown officials inspected a local hotel, discovering a cache of shirts, COVID-19 tests, and medication. According to Kenny, “hundreds” of beds were subsequently delivered.

Asserting their stance, Kenny declared, “We have issued a violation notice. We stand ready to pursue legal action. Regrettably, Mr. Mayor, you lack the authority to override our local codes. This establishment is a hotel, not a city shelter.”

Kenny revealed that following her grievances, other officials have joined the effort, encompassing representatives at both the state and federal levels.