Outgoing Chicago Mayor Blames Right-Wing for Loss

The tenure of departing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been disastrous for the city. Throughout her four-year term, she permitted the city to be consumed by unbridled lawlessness and brutality.

Retail Giants Closing Stores in Chicago

In a brazen heist, thieves executed a smash-and-grab robbery at a Rolls Royce dealership located in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast district in December, making a fortune in expensive timepieces.

During the attack on two upscale retail establishments in the same neighborhood, thieves assaulted and pepper sprayed a security officer.

The Gateway Pundit documented an incident involving hundreds of youths running amok in the vicinity of Millennium Park in Chicago, starting with a harrowing attack on a young couple.

Retail giants like Walmart claim to have suffered annual losses amounting to tens of millions of dollars, due to their operations in Chicago. This prompted the announcement of closing four stores.

Despite voters reaffirming their commitment to progressive ideals by electing radical socialist Brandon Johnson, Lightfoot ascribes her loss to “right-wing forces intent on toppling a big-city mayor.”

She attributes these “forces” to racism and sexism that she already cited as factors contributing to her defeat. Lightfoot informed journalists, “I’m a black woman in America — of course.”

Right-Wing Forces Blamed for Re-Election Loss

In expressing her grievances over the electoral outcome, Lightfoot joined forces with civil rights activist Al Sharpton.

Lightfoot stated “Undeniably, Reverend Al, there exists a faction, both within Chicago and nationwide, that opposes the success of mayors like myself.

“It’s no coincidence that, in 2020, Trump’s national strategy involved targeting cities and mayors, including me, by explicitly mentioning our names and cities. The list wasn’t limited to me, but extended to Keisha Lance Bottoms in Atlanta and Muriel Bowser in Washington D.C.”

The former Chicago Mayor further added, “When an individual wielding the largest megaphone and occupying the grandest stage assails you in the manner that Trump attacked us, it sets in motion a series of forces that prove challenging to restrain.”