Panama Foreign Minister Warned Biden of the Impending Rush of Migrants


The Biden administration was warned by Panama Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes during her recent visit to the United States. She stated there are around 60,000 more migrants flowing to the U.S. borders very soon.

Panama Foreign Minister: around 60,000 migrants are about to come to the U.S. border

During her recent visit to the United States, Foreign Minister Mouynes relayed the message to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas; she said since January 1 this year, there are around 85,000 illegal immigrants that crossed Panama.

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She noted almost 20,000 of them already arrived at the U.S. borders, reflecting the recent surge and encampments of migrants under the bridge in Del Rio. 

Republican Representative Tony Gonzalez likewise commented he also met with Mouynes. He claimed some of the migrants who crossed have affiliations with Al Qaeda, as they intended to reach the United States. However, they were apprehended in Panama before they reached America. 

Gonzalez further alleged the Foreign Minister of Panama informed him of efforts Panama is making in handling the immigration crisis. He then advised that Biden should work together with Mouynes to tackle the apparent immigration crisis. 

In addition to this, Gonzalez claimed the Panama Foreign Minister alerted him the number of illegal immigrants seen in Panama increased from 800 every month to 2000 each month.

According to him, the weak handling of Biden towards illegal immigration emboldens migrants to pour towards the United States. Biden pledged to open the borders of the country during the 2020 presidential campaign period.

The information given by Mouynes alarmed Biden; he’s still facing fiery backlash from the recent string of events that happened at the border against Haitian migrants.

This is on top of the continuous failure of his administration to take control of the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border.

The Foreign Minister invited the Biden administration to work together in tackling the crisis

According to reports, most of the migrants who travel to the border pass through the Darian Gap. This area gives feasible conditions for migrants to travel without getting apprehended by government authorities. 

The Panama Foreign Minister then invited the U.S. to work hand-in-hand in ending the crisis and formulating policy via means of the regional countries on board.

She added they cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on and must acknowledge these illegal immigrants are about to arrive at the U.S. border. 

Mouynes also claimed Panama already gave warning to every possible authority associated with this issue to foresee the impending danger. In most cases, Panama is the first country that gives basic support to these illegal immigrants coming from different countries, including food and medical care.

This is why Mouynes is well aware of how these people suffer from malnutrition when they arrive in Panama. However, she claimed the country has already started to become “frustrated” with the growth of illegal immigrants along the border.

On top of the 60,000 migrants the Panama Foreign Minister warned the U.S. about, Columbia is likewise holding around 30,000 illegal immigrants who were planning to cross Panama and the U.S.