Paul Ryan Brings Anti-Trump Agenda for 2024

Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is asking Americans not to support Donald Trump in his 2024 presidential election campaign. Ryan brings his own anti-Trump agenda, which is in favor of more taxes, increased migration, and low social spending.

Anti-Trump Agenda Echoes Within the Republican Party

Speaking to ABC News, Ryan claimed the GOP could only win the White House in 2024 if Trump is not the Republican candidate.

Ryan, who was also the running mate of Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, noted the GOP has enough conservatives who have the capability to win the next presidential elections.

Likewise, Ryan also blamed Trump for Republicans’ below-par performance in this year’s midterm elections. Ryan stated the GOP could have won the midterms convincingly if the party had more anti-Trump candidates on the ballot.

Additionally, Ryan wants Americans to walk away from Trump’s presidential campaign because he believes he has better policy positions than the former president. While Ryan is not sure if he will run in the 2024 Republican primaries, he brought his own anti-Trump agenda. 

Ryan explained his agenda in a book he co-authored with other conservative writers. According to Ryan, he wrote a book to describe an alternate plan for America that could solve the persisting problems of the country in the 21st century.

His book suggests he is only interested in bringing new taxes, more migrants, and reducing social spending.

Although Ryan is motivated to reduce taxes on wage earners and investors, he is seeking new carbon taxes, which are supposed to be paid by Americans on behalf of investors.

Apart from that, Ryan stated he wanted to bring Medicare costs down by bringing more competition in medicare.

As per Ryan’s proposal, the United States is in need of a more affordable Social Security program that could survive without compromising on the income security of retiring Americans.

Even Anti-Trump Republicans Can Oppose Ryan

However, Ryan’s book mostly ignores the persisting civic issues in the country. The book does not discuss expensive housing, drug problems, low wages, the gender dysphoria movement of the far left, and anti-American teachings in the schools.

Similarly, Ryan is silent on illegal immigration, which is one of the most important reasons for increasing Social Security costs.

In fact, Ryan’s previous stances portray him as an ardent supporter of immigration. When he was the House speaker from 2016 to 2018, Ryan blocked Trump’s efforts to reform the broken immigration system of the United States.

On the other hand, Trump is a firm critic of illegal immigration and wants to stop it by building a wall at the southern border.

Ryan is one of those Republicans who is breaking with the basic ideology of conservatism while opposing Trump. Political observers expect the Republican establishment is unlikely to support Ryan on his liberal positions, even if they do not want to see Trump in the White House again.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.