Pelosi Claimed Republicans Are Following a “Thug” and a “Cult”

"Nancy Pelosi" by Gage Skidmore

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. She made bold remarks about the Republican Party, stating the former president is a “thug” and the party is losing to a “cult.”

Pelosi Claimed Trump, Musk Are Unfortunate Cases

Pelosi began the interview by stating she indeed agreed with President Biden when he tied the assault against her husband to the events that happened last January 6 at the Capitol.

The House Speaker then added that her husband’s operation was a “success,” yet she claimed the operation was only a part of her husband’s recovery since the injury he sustained was “drastic.”

When the CNN host asked Pelosi about her thoughts on the alleged conspiracy theories claimed by former President Trump and Elon Musk, Pelosi noted it is unfortunate that high-profile people like Trump and Musk are turning their backs on the truth in extremely blatant manners.

Cooper then asked the House Speaker if there was common ground among the people, enough for them to come together, claiming Americans in both parties would agree that what is happening in the country does not appear to be sustainable.

The House Speaker then challenged Cooper’s statement, saying she would not say people on both parties feel this way, claiming what’s happening is a “one-sided assault” on the country’s democracy.

Pelosi added the assault made is against integrity and credibility of the election. She also claimed the Republican Party should have some adult supervision that would tell them when to stop.

Meanwhile, Pelosi talked about the same sentiments she had, ironically calling the Republican Party “strong.”

She also acknowledged the party did great things for the United States and the GOP should be proud of themselves. Pelosi then made a bold statement against the party, saying that the Republican Party is “yielding to a cult” and a “thug.”

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On the other hand, Pelosi stated the attack against her husband was fueled by “misinformation.” The suspect in the attack, David Wayne DePape, is facing six charges as a result of the attack.

Included among the charges are assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, elder abuse, false imprisonment, residential burglary, and threatening the life of a public official.

At the end of the interview with Cooper, Pelosi made reference to the consequences of election misinformation. In making this reference, the Democratic Speaker of the House also stated she believes the democracy of the people is in danger.

However, Nancy Pelosi said despite the concerns that she has, she is optimistic about the midterm elections, adding that it is for the people to decide and whatever the results of the midterm elections are, they will respect it.