Pelosi Using Coronavirus to Bring Socialism to America

"Nancy Pelosi" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As time goes on, Americans have observed and subsequently called out the conduct of Democrat governors and leaders.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom once stated that coronavirus presents an opportunity for America to reconsider our methods of governing, leaning from capitalism to socialism. Likewise, other left-wing governors continue extending their state’s lockdowns as Republican governors move to get people back to their businesses and jobs.


On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made statements that only confirm Democrats’ interests in using COVID-19 to bring socialism to the United States. Washington Examiner notes Pelosi’s claim that government should hand out a “guaranteed income” to each American, in light of coronavirus.

Reviewing the Plan Pelosi Sees as “Worthy of Attention”

When sitting down with MSNBC, the House Speaker talked about the need to get money into the pockets of the American people; however, it didn’t take long to realize that Pelosi wants to use the government to get money to Americans, rather than allowing people to return to their businesses and careers.

In keeping with the beliefs of socialist Democrats, the Speaker declared that a “guaranteed” minimum income is deserving of consideration and attention. The reason Pelosi did not talk about getting people back to work is because self-sufficiency flies in the face of socialism and promotes American values like production, capitalism, and liberty.

Preserving American Values in the Era of COVID-19

As certain states work to reopen, others are fighting overtime to keep Americans under the thumb of government. What’s important to remember is that freedoms don’t vanish just because of COVID-19; the same principle applies to the critical nature of upholding American values.


We cannot allow socialist Democrats like Newsom, Pelosi, and others to use coronavirus to push far-left policies into law. The left tried this once before when Congress was first putting together the original coronavirus relief packages; needless to say, Democrats’ attempts failed, but this is no reason to become complacent.

What do you think about the idea of government doling out promised “minimum incomes” to Americans? What other ways do you think Democrats will use COVID-19 to usher in socialism? Don’t hold back in the comments section down below!