Pence Lashed Out at Trump for Dining With Anti-Semitic People

Former Vice President Mike Pence slammed his one-time boss, Donald Trump, for inviting anti-Semitic, white nationalists to a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago residence. Pence claimed Trump is not a racist, but he should apologize for inviting racist people to his residence.

Pence Opens Up Against Trump

According to Pence, Trump should not have shared a dinner table with a Holocaust denier, adding the former president should immediately apologize for entertaining anti-Semitic people.

Furthermore, Pence asserted Trump should denounce the hateful narrative of both of the men he recently met with. However, Pence dismissed the notion that Trump is an anti-Semitic individual.

Pence noted the former president is neither a racist nor an anti-Semite, in his opinion. Apart from that, Pence claimed he would not have served as the vice president under Trump if he were a racist or a bigot.

In addition, Pence stated many people forget Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka Trump, converted to Judaism, while his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is also a devoted Jew.

Meanwhile, Pence also slammed media outlets for lashing out at the former president too much because of inviting anti-Semitic people to dinner.

Trump invited rapper Kayne West, famously known as Ye, to dinner last week. Ye, who stirred controversy by tweeting against Jews, appeared at the event with his white nationalist friend, Nick Fuentes, who has denied the Holocaust previously.

Many Jewish allies of Trump also started distancing from the former president after the controversial dinner. One long-time Jewish ally of Trump noted the former president legitimized Jewish hatred in the United States.

Trump Invites Criticism From Mainstream Republicans

As the news of the dinner went viral, Trump received criticism from both political parties, as well as from the mainstream media.

Trump then went into damage control mode, claiming Ye did not pass any anti-Semitic comment in front of him, so he should not have any reason not to meet him. Furthermore, Trump also claimed he did not know Fuentes, as he came to the dinner as a friend of Ye.

Many other Republican politicians also took aim at Trump for meeting anti-Semitic people. For instance, former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, who is also a firm critic of Trump, noted Trump showed poor judgment while inviting anti-Semitic people to dinner.

Christie has long criticized Trump for his election fraud narrative. He said Trump also made many false judgments in the past, which makes him unsuitable for the 2024 presidential election.

Other Republicans criticized Trump’s staff for allowing a white nationalist at the event. Republican Senator Thom Tillis noted he hopes Trump already fired his team members who were involved in allowing controversial people into the dinner.

Senator Bill Cassidy also established Trump’s immoral attitude of entertaining racist, anti-Semitic personalities should not be tolerated since this is not the culture of the Republican Party.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.