Pennsylvania Court Threw Out Mask Mandate for Kids

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, on Friday, threw out a statewide mask mandate for schools, giving Democrats a new blow in their compulsive healthcare efforts.

For the time being, the court has only given the verdict, but did not issue any written opinion.

Pennsylvania’s court decides not to impose mask mandates against schoolchildren

The court ruled the mask mandate of Democrat Governor Tom Wolf is illegal because Wolf’s acting health secretary is not authorized to do it. Supreme Court justices did not overturn the lower court decision.

Recently, the state’s high court heard arguments in the case filed by the Pennsylvania Republicans against compulsive masks in the schools; the decision was an easy one for the court, as it announced its verdict after two days.


According to the high court decision, the state health secretary does not enjoy absolute power to create laws out of the regulatory review process. 

The ruling is a crucial setback for the Wolf administration, as the verdict accused the administration of destroying the economy, including via business restrictions and closures.

Bryan Cutler, Pennsylvania’s Republican House Speaker, and the State’s Senate Minority Leader Kerry Benninghoff noted Pennsylvanians are happy about the court order.

It emphasized bureaucrats should not have absolute authority in issuing orders, even if they deal with public health issues.

Pennsylvania’s governor is not happy with court’s decision of medical freedom

Beth Rementer, the press secretary of the Democrat governor, said the court’s decision was “extremely disappointing.” She encouraged schools to impose mask mandates on their own without the statewide mandates.

She added the administration acknowledges concerns of the school districts, which want to give their students a safe learning environment. However, due to these sorts of decisions, Rementher added, they are unable to do it.

The press secretary further stated mandating masks is a proven tactic of providing immunity to children, without interpreting their daily routines. 

Republicans’ lawyer Thomas W. King III, along with others who sued the mandate, said the decision to enforce masks would be the prerogative of nearly 500 school districts.

Calling it a great day in Pennsylvania, King also asserted school boards need to consult their own lawyers if they want their children to wear masks.

Similarly, the lawyer stated the decision of the Supreme Court once again proved the rule of law is a reality in the country; no one, not even the health secretary, is above the law.

Republicans nationwide are consistent in defying compulsive medical orders, trying to help Americans regain their freedom. Florida and Texas governors banned Biden’s vaccine mandate, helping the unvaxxed in maintaining their jobs.

Subsequent decisions of the courts have also done the same. Meanwhile, a Manhattan court already banned the NYC mayor’s order that sought a vaccine mandate for citywide private employees.