Pennsylvania Gov: Return to Normal Contingent on “Foolproof” Vaccine

Democrat leaders across America are gradually abandoning the false pretense that lockdowns were ever about flattening the curve or keeping hospitals from surpassing their capacity. If these were the true purposes of orders to stay home, then Democrat governors and mayors would be joining their GOP counterparts in reopening.

Instead, left-wing elected officials are claiming that they won’t fully reopen without a vaccine for coronavirus. Governors in Michigan, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and other blue states have made these claims.


However, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf took things a step further yesterday. Wolf, who is facing multiple lawsuits over his poor management of COVID-19, stated on Thursday that his state cannot return to normal without a “foolproof vaccine,” notes Breitbart News.

What to Know About Gov. Wolf’s Latest Remarks

The governor of Pennsylvania did not mince words when sharing his thoughts on necessities to get the economy back to normal. According to Wolf, a full return to normal is not feasible without “a vaccine that is foolproof.”

Someone should inform the Pennsylvania governor that no vaccine is foolproof, nor has one ever been. Firstly, there are no guarantees that there will even be a vaccination to be had for COVID-19; prior attempts to create vaccines for other strains of coronavirus have failed. Secondly, each vaccine comes with risks of harm, injury, or death; this innately eliminates the possibility of any “foolproof” vaccine for coronavirus.

At this point, Democrats are just moving the goalpost and not even trying to hide it. One way or another, shutdowns are coming to an end; however, it seems as though lawsuits and orders being struck down from higher authorities are the only ways that Democrats will relinquish the personal power trips which they’re currently on.

What do you think about Gov. Wolf’s fantasies of a “foolproof” vaccine? How long do you think it will take the Pennsylvania governor to learn that all vaccinations come with risks and hence cannot be foolproof? Sound off in the comments section below.

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