Political Commentator Accuses AT&T and DirecTV of Censorship

On Monday, Mike Reagan, a political commentator and son of former President Ronald Reagan, accused AT&T and DirecTV of attempting to censor Newsmax in an effort to cover up the state of free speech in America.

Political commentator compares de-platforming to Berlin Wall censorship

In an appearance on “The Chris Salcedo Show,” political commentator Mike Reagan criticized AT&T and DirecTV for what he sees as an attempt to censor free speech in America by “whitewashing” certain opinions.

Reagan argued this move is an attempt to limit free expression and prevent people from having a variety of opinions and viewpoints to consider.

He also expressed concern about the current leadership of the country, particularly the Biden administration, in light of recent events like the de-platforming of Newsmax by AT&T’s DirecTV.

Reagan drew comparisons between the recent censorship of Newsmax and historical events such as the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Reagan-Carter debate, and the Nixon-Kennedy debates.

He expressed concern over the possibility that if these events happened today, they might have been shut down due to a disagreement with one side.

To drive his point home, Reagan referred to the Berlin Wall, saying the first side of the wall is full of colors and appears to be pleasing to the eyes, but it hides the reality of oppression and censorship.

The political commentator also compared the Berlin Wall and the current state of free speech in America, saying “the first side you see is West Germany, West Berlin, where everybody had a voice.”

However, on the opposite part of the wall, which was East Berlin, “you were not allowed to have a voice,” he said.

Reagan argued by de-platforming Newsmax, AT&T and DirecTV are effectively silencing voices and suppressing the free exchange of ideas in America, creating a situation similar to that of East Berlin during the Cold War.

Newsmax CEO accuses DirecTV of political censorship

On January 24, DirecTV cut Newsmax’s signal, which impacted over 13 million subscribers of the satellite service, U-Verse, and DirecTV Stream.

Despite being America’s fourth-highest-rated news network in the cable landscape and a top-20 overall channel, Newsmax was barred from these services. The Nielsen ratings indicate that Newsmax reaches 25 million Americans every week.

Despite DirecTV claiming that it dropped Newsmax due to “cost-cutting” measures, the satellite service still carries 22 left-leaning news channels, most of which have considerably lower ratings than Newsmax, but all of which receive paid license fees.


According to Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, DirecTV’s decision to drop Newsmax was never about the excessive fees, but about their belief that Newsmax should not receive any cable fee at all.

Newsmax has repeatedly denied it is demanding excessive fees and maintains it is asking for $1 per fee per subscriber every year, which is the cheapest fee requested in cable.

DirecTV claimed earlier that Newsmax was demanding “tens of millions” of dollars in excessive fees. However, Newsmax continues to be America’s fourth highest-rated news network, reaching 25 million Americans weekly, according to Nielsen ratings.