Poll: Less than Half the Nation Approves of Biden

"210210-D-BN624-0911" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

From the moment President Biden set foot into the Oval Office, the pro-left mainstream media went to work singing his praises. Biden has received more positive press from the media than many other presidents before him; this is far from a coincidence. 

When it comes to President Biden, the liberal media very clearly has an agenda. This agenda is to puff up both the president and his destructive policies; however, Americans are experiencing the real-world harm from Biden’s leadership. 

“Vice Pres. Joe Biden, with Deputy Secret” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

Under Biden, gas shortages are at an all-time high. Meanwhile, the prices of gas, groceries, and other essentials are skyrocketing. With all the spending and high taxes being pushed by Biden, inflation is also a very real problem for the United States. 

According to Newsmax, Biden’s failed leadership is beginning to catch up to him. A new poll shows that now less than half of the country approves of Biden’s job as president. 

Where Biden Truly Stands with the American People

This month, Trafalgar Group ran a poll on how many Americans truly approve of the job that President Biden is doing. The numbers turned out to be much lower than what the mainstream media wants the public to know. 

Per the poll’s findings, 48.3% of the American people currently approve of the job that President Biden is doing. Another 47.5%, however, told Trafalgar Group that they disapprove of Biden’s leadership thus far. 

The White House continues to assert that Biden’s policies are widely popular across the nation; however, this simply isn’t accurate.

For instance, some Democrats have joined the GOP in calling for Biden to handle the Southern border crisis. Likewise, many Americans are frustrated with last month’s jobs report and the harmful economic impacts stemming from Biden’s wasteful spending and sky high taxes. 

In the midst of a nation that is struggling on multiple fronts, Biden continues to call for more spending and more taxes. Many Republicans view this as tone deaf and out of touch with the nation. Ultimately, all of this plays a role in why less than half of Americans approve of Biden’s job thus far. 

Rejecting the Biden Agenda

Republicans have made it their mission to counter and reject the Biden agenda. It is dangerous, wasteful, and not in keeping with putting America first. 

A huge part of rejecting the Biden agenda entails getting the GOP back into at least one congressional majority. Republicans will have a shot of making this happen in late 2022 when the midterm elections roll around. For what it’s worth, numerous surveys have shown that the GOP is greatly expected to take back the House from Democrats. 

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