Poll: More Americans Link Biden Presidency to Greater Division in America

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

When President Biden first came into office, he delivered a fancy speech about unity, healing, and bringing America together. On January 20, Biden professed that he wanted to be the president for not just the people who voted him into office, but for all Americans. 

With more than 100 days past since Biden assumed office, his presidency hasn’t lived up to his promises. The Biden administration has chosen to sidestep bipartisanship in the interest of getting Democrat-backed legislation passed without any support from GOP lawmakers. 

“Vice President Joe Biden” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by chriscoons

The end result of this leadership is more division in America. According to Breitbart News, a new poll shows that more Americans believe the Biden presidency engendered greater division in the United States. 

The Ties Between the Biden Administration and a Divided USA

On Sunday, ABC News/Ipsos released a poll covering the current sentiment of unity in America. 23% of Americans included in the survey claimed that Biden’s presidency has created a “more united” country; however, another 28% stated that under President Biden, America has turned out to be “more divided.” 

Since Biden reached his 100-day presidential milestone, the mainstream media has worked overtime to sing his praises. Deceptive headlines from liberal outlets assert that massive majorities of the nation are supportive of Biden’s policies, leadership, and decisions. 

The reality does not sort this out. For instance, the current president is less popular than law enforcement groups; moreover, Biden’s mismanagement of the Southern border has garnered backlash from both Republicans and Democrats alike. 

Can the Biden Administration Unify America? 

At this time, the current actions of the Biden administration are not in keeping with unifying the nation. Some serious changes would have to come about before this White House even came close to being a unifying force. 

A great start would be fixing the Southern border. The media has intentionally chosen to give the border crisis as little press as possible, but this doesn’t change the reality of what is happening.

After implementing a solution to the border crisis, the Biden administration could then actually work together with the GOP on legislation. This would not only be a show of bipartisanship, but collaborations in this manner would prove that Biden was serious about being a president for “all Americans.” 

Do you believe the United States has become more divided under President Biden? Let us know your viewpoints on the current administration down below in the comments section.