Portland Business Owner Revealed: “The City is Not Safe Anymore”


A business owner in Portland is seeking answers from leaders of the city as the crime rate continues to rise and plague residents. This comes after the city commissioner’s decision to cut police funding by $16 million.

Portland restaurant owner wrote a letter to city officials: the city has to go through some dramatic changes

Kristen Murray, a restaurant owner in Portland, made an appearance on Fox & Friends and gave a warning the city is not safe anymore in its present state. Murray said due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her restaurant could only offer outdoor dining, which led to more issues.

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She stated people with mental illnesses would usually wander outside of her restaurant, gesturing in the air and talking to themselves. The restaurant owner noted she has a lot of friends who do not want to give up on Portland. However, the city has to make dramatic changes to recover.

In a letter to Portland city officials, Murray demanded support after someone on the street attacked her customers. Then, she escorted her patrons inside her restaurant to safety and shouldered the cost of their meals, which she noted she cannot afford to do.

Portland is at it’s breaking point

Murray added the city of Portland is at its breaking point at the moment. She explained this scenario has been happening over the past few months and she does not want to close her shop.

The sharp uptick of violent crime in Portland was a consequence of the decision made by city commissioners back in June 2020 to defund the police by almost $16 million.

As a result, statistics show the homicide rate in the city tripled, months after the decision. Recently, police officers in Portland responded to 13 shootings within 28 hours last weekend. The shooting left three persons injured and one person dead.

Police patrols will not happen anytime soon

Murray noted, in the past, the presence of the police and local initiatives assisted in mitigating the issues her restaurant faced. However, defunding the police together with the effects of the pandemic crippled their abilities.

The restaurant owner added the police officers in Portland have been transparent, noting with the current situation (particularly on how much police officers’ funding was cut short) police patrols in the streets will not happen anytime soon.

Murray, however, has not given up hopes on the city, stating she believes Portland will ultimately come out of this situation. It is just wildly imbalanced, as of the moment, and it is not safe.

It can be noted that the president of the Police Association, Daryl Turner, previously mentioned the move of Portland city officials to defund the police was not a solution, but rather it was a “political stunt.”