Pro-Choice Protesters are Getting MORE VIOLENT


Violent pro-choice protesters continued disturbing public order over the weekend, blocking major highways and attacking public and private properties. One protester was even charged with the attempted murder of a Police officer.

Violence Surging Post Abortion Ban

A mob of black-clad violent protesters smashed windows of businesses and spray-painted the walls with radical messages. According to the Portland Police Bureau, the protesters destroyed many banks and coffee shops alongside a public school van and a pregnancy resource center in the city.

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The Police noted that the crowd started its march at 10:00 pm PST on Saturday and continued its rampage for more than 45 minutes. However, the Police were unable to respond quickly due to other ongoing crimes in the city at the same time, the department added.

Some of the slogans spray-painted by the protesters included “Abolish schools,” “Kill the Supreme Court,” and “Abort the court.” Portland was also the epicenter of the violenet protests in the wake of the George Floyd murder.

Back then, anti-Police groups set the police union headquarters of the city ablaze and confronted many officers on the roads.

Speaking to Fox News regarding the ongoing leftist violence, GOP senator Lindsey Graham stated that “constitutional anarchists” are burning American streets.

He further noted that no conservative pursued such a mayhem when the Supreme Court allowed abortion in its previous rulings of protecting Roe. Likewise the life of liberal justices was also safe, the conservative senator added.

Man Charged With Attempted Murder of Police

The situation was even more violent in Los Angeles, where a mob associated with a liberal group, RiseUp4AbortionRights, blocked a busy highway.

Most of those protesters wore RevCom shirts, symbolizing communism and others waved red flags, which also indicated the same ideology. Separately in another protest in Los Angeles, rioters were lightening things up and throwing random objects at police.

Reportedly four police officers were injured after getting hit by projectiles launched by the violent protesters. A man was even charged with attempted murder of the Police officer as he was accused of attacking the officer with a ‘flamethrower.

Some other protesters, including a woman, were arrested when they tried to steal Police’s baton.

A group of protesters also tried to march towards the I 10 freeway of the city, though the Police blocked their way in order to keep the traffic undisturbed. Eventually, the crowd dispersed as they saw continuous resistance from the Police.

According to the Police Chief of LAPD, Michael Moore, these sorts of protests were surely not the exercise of the rights protected under the first amendment. So, the department will pursue the prosecutions of those individuals who acted “as criminals,” the Police chief added.

In Virginia, a pro-life center was the target of these violent drives as an unknown person vandal the center with threatening graffiti, mentioning, “If abortion ain’t safe, you ain’t safe.”