Progressives’ Hypocrisy: Only We Deserve Security

For a long time, progressive Democrats have stressed that police should be defunded in the country.

However, they themselves have been spending tens of thousands of dollars on private security to keep themselves safe from any crime.

Progressive Congresswoman Pursued Private Security, Preached Police Defunding

Progressive Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush is one of the most vocal critics of the institution of police. Though while she asks for police defunding, her private security bills have crossed $300,000.

According to Election Commission fillings, Bush’s campaign spent $70,489 on the security services in the first three months of 2022. Included in this is a $50,000 payment to establish peace security.

This massive spending is in line with Bush’s vision of strengthening private security, which she also pursued in 2021. Reportedly, her committee spent $233,663 on different security services in 2021 alone.

Thus, for this election cycle, she has paid almost $304,000 to security services up till now.

Despite all of these payments, her view regarding the necessity of the police did not change.

In February, she told Axios she has been addressing her fellow Democrats and they can avoid her reaction about the police if they change the system.

While there have been rising concerns about the slogan “defund the police” in Democratic ranks, Bush thinks the slogan is not problematic at all.

The debate regarding the private security funding of Bush made headlines last year in July when Fox News broke the report. This prompted even liberal media outlets to ask whether it was hypocritical behavior of the congresswoman.

Replying to media queries about private spending, Bush asked the channels if they wanted to see her “die.”

Likewise, Bush claimed she is taking private security because she has faced attempts on her life and she has “too much work to do.”

Once Bush defended her spending patterns, St. Louis, Missouri identified that the congresswoman hired two of its deputy sheriffs for her security.

Later on, both of these sheriffs, Maurice Thompson and Tylance Jackson, were fired from St. Louis as they joined Bush’s campaign without any approval.

Democrats Face Tough Choice on Police Defunding Mantra

Bush is one of those lawmakers who calls defunding the police not a “radical” idea. She admired St. Louis’s efforts in 2021 when the city curbed police powers significantly.

Calling it a historic decision, Bush said back then the city was divesting its resources for the institutions that were of no use by continuously ignoring the things that could actually keep communities safe.

Until now, the Bush campaign has not responded to the requests of Fox News on the continuous investment in personal security while preaching police defunding.

While Democrats, in general, put their weight behind police defunding movements in the wake of the George Floyd accident, moderates have now started distancing themselves from these slogans.

This decision of the top leadership of the party came when the majority of Americans voiced their concerns against the movement.