Progressives Will Challenge Biden in 2024 Elections

Some progressives are looking forward to challenging Joe Biden’s nomination in the 2024 presidential election. This can divide Biden’s persisting vote bank, resulting in his loss in the race.

Progressive will challenge Biden in the 2024 election

Responding to a question, Jeff Weaver, Bernie Sanders’ former campaign manager, noted there surely would be a progressive challenger to Biden in the next presidential election.

Reportedly, Nina Turner, an Ohio state senator, or Marianne Williamson, a 2020 presidential candidate, could step forward to challenge the incumbent president from the Democratic ranks.

Likewise, far-left lawmaker AOC is also likely to start her presidential campaign soon for 2024 and can shock many political pundits.

AOC, who is also considered a mouthpiece for the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, has often openly criticized many of Biden’s policies.

Firstly, AOC attacked the infrastructure plan of Democrats, noting the investment is distributed over the course of ten years, which defies the purpose of the bill. Then, she criticized Biden for his border agenda, as she touted his liberal narrative of open borders.

Now, she has even blamed the president for backbiting, as the social spending legislation is being stalled by Joe Manchin in the Senate. Biden promised to pass this bill to get the support of progressives.

Experts believe she can be one of the major roadblocks in Biden’s ambitions of running again, as she developed her political clout with liberal voters over time.

AOC voters will not vote for Biden

As per previous records, any politician challenging the incumbent president can break the vote bank of the president by a significant number.

So, AOC is also expected to do the same; even if she fails to win the nomination, her supporters are unlikely to vote for Biden.

The former communications director of AOC, Corbin Trent, even claimed that Biden is extremely “unpopular” and said the current president is “old as  sh–.” Other far-left political strategists are blaming Biden for his inability to take action on climate change.

For instance, in the last week of 2021, a progressive group named “Occupy Biden” created a camp outside the president’s residence in Delaware. They demanded from him that he immediately declare a “climate emergency” in America.

This group claimed that while Biden is a verbal advocate of climate change, he must take practical measures to address the issue of climate change.

Lee Carter, a Republican pollster, indicated the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC are not happy with Joe Biden; they think the president sold out. According to Carter, these progressives will “pounce on him.”

Carter also indicated that Biden is facing an extremely difficult situation right now, as leftist lawmakers are trying to influence his decision making to the maximum possible extent.

President Biden is navigating troubled waters these days, as his approval ratings stand at 43 percent, per RealClearPolitics’ recent poll.