Psaki Offered No Explanation on Why Biden’s Agenda Will Cost “Zero Dollars”

The White House press secretary offered little to no explanation on the Biden administration’s claim the Build Back Better agenda will cost “zero dollars.” Instead, Psaki told the press to just take her word for it. 

Biden: $3.5 trillion agenda will cost average taxpayers “zero dollars”

The Build Back Better agenda the Biden administration announced was estimated to cost $3.5 trillion. Despite this massive spending, Biden and his supporters argued the plan will cost average Americans “zero dollars” and technically cost taxpayers “nothing.”

They explained the plan will be fully paid for by making sure the “very wealthy” and big corporations are paying their fair share. This zero-dollar narrative continued to run during Psaki’s press briefing on Tuesday.

Biden’s press secretary was pressed by the media about these claims. A reporter asked Psaki whether Biden still believed the $3.5 trillion plan will not add a dime to the country’s debt.

The press secretary answered in the affirmative, agreeing it won’t. When the reporter asked a follow-up question on why should people believe these claims, Psaki merely claimed “because it won’t,” providing no further explanation.

As a result, Psaki received backlash from viewers and the press for the flippant response. The Federalist’s senior tech columnist, Rachel Bovard, compared the response made by Psaki to the recent press briefing about Hunter Biden’s controversy where Psaki similarly made the same remarks.

The communications director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Chris Hartline, likewise made some comments. He asked how the press secretary can claim the $3.5 trillion agenda will not add to the U.S. national debt. 

Psaki, Pelosi blamed media for failing to report specifics of the Build Back Better agenda

Psaki then echoed the lecture House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave, blaming the media for not reporting more precisely on Biden’s agenda. The White House press secretary claimed reporters could do a better job of selling the Build Back Better agenda, alleging they had not done justice to the plan.

Last week, Pelosi blamed the media for the new poll that shows only 10% of Americans know the specifics of the Build Back Better plan. The House Speaker told the press they could “do a better job” reporting the economic plan of the president. 

The president first claimed the agenda would cost the average taxpayer “nothing” last month, amid the infighting among Democrats. Moderate Democrat senators such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are emphasizing the massive price tag of the bill. 

Biden also posted a tweet last month, claiming his agenda will cost $0. He added instead of wasting money on tax loopholes, tax breaks, and tax evasion (allegedly perpetrated by big corporations and the wealthy), they can make a “once in a generation investment” and it will add nothing to the U.S. debt.