Putin is in Grave Danger Right Now

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in hot water, as a former UN chief prosecutor urged for a global arrest warrant for Putin to be issued.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are advancing to take back their territories in Kyiv after the Russians retreated in their apparent bid for de-escalation.

Putin is a war criminal

Carla Del Ponte, the top official of the UN war crimes tribunal, called Putin a “war criminal.”

Del Ponte, who served in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda while working with the UN, stated there is enough evidence present, regarding Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine.

She particularly gave the reference to mass graves in Ukraine, claiming she wished that she would not see any such thing in her life again, after observing the horrors in Yugoslavia during her service.

Reportedly, almost 300 dead bodies were buried in a mass grave near Kyiv. Other than mass graves, brutal attacks on civilians and neutralization of whole villages also qualified as war crimes, the prosecutor added.

According to her, finding evidence of war crimes in Ukraine would be much easier, considering the country was contacted for the probe itself.

Once the ICC finds out that war crimes are committed, those responsible for perpetrating these attacks will be found.

She was confident that Putin would be brought to justice, as she mentioned Slobodan Milosevic, the former president of Serbia, also faced investigation while being the president of a country.

Del Ponte also emphasized that even after the war, crimes committed by Ukraine should be investigated, as there are a lot of Russian soldiers who were maltreated by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainians face a tough time reclaiming their land

Meanwhile, as the Russians retreat from key holdings, Ukraine forces are facing an unexpected challenge to reclaim their lost territory.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Russia is creating a “catastrophic” situation as it left mines behind. These ground mines can be detrimental to civilians living nearby, as well as to Ukrainian forces.

He further stated returning to normal life is still not a reality, as demining the territories would take some time. Likewise, he asserted as long as Russia does not promise to stop new attacks, people would continue living in misery.

It was widely perceived that regime change would be a possible option for Russian forces in Kyiv. However, all such theories seem to be dismissed, as Russia left key posts near Kyiv and diverted its resources toward eastern Ukraine.

As per the New York Times, Russians’ primary ambition to move to eastern Ukraine is to start a crackdown against protesters there to curb free voices wherever possible.

Zelenskyy also warned many cities about the possibility of airstrikes and shelling by Russians.

Many Ukrainian soldiers were seen dragging dead bodies with the help of cables from a greater distance, amid the fears of land mines. 

Reportedly, the dead bodies were of civilians who were killed by Russian forces even though they did not pose any resistance.