Radical Agenda Targets Innocent Children

The blue state of New Jersey is challenging the values of American culture.

This time, the Board of Education of the liberal state reinforced it would not reconsider its controversial curriculum, even though parents are turning against it in big numbers.

Schools Will Teach “Sexual Orientation” to Children

As the pandemic arrived in the United States back in 2020, New Jersey brought up new guidelines in its educational curriculum while skipping media attention. 

However, these guidelines came into the spotlight recently, as children as young as seven years old will be taught about gender identity and sexual orientation.

According to Fox News reporter David Lee Miller, Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan stated the current education guidelines of the state “convey self-worth” and are accepted by “all students.”

Four members of the education board asked the commissioner to review the guidelines with the help of experts.

According to the letter dispatched to Allen-McMillan, the department should “recommend removing” some part of the controversial language while introducing age restrictions for its other explicit content.

Public pressure is mounting against the officials, as parents have also started commenting on new guidelines.

A mother named Emily Barker was shocked hearing about the new guidelines, as she has two children of different ages studying in this educational setup.

Similarly, commissioners of Monmouth County suggested it is time for a parents’ Bill of Rights, which would protect the interests of parents worried about the controversial curriculum.

Commissioner Director Thomas Arnone is of the view that parents should decide if they want their children to learn about the controversial curriculum.

According to Arnone, the legislation which changed the curriculum was passed hurriedly without gauging public perception.

So, the board is “opposed” to the “highly sensitive” information that is being taught to innocent children under these legislations, he added.

First Graders Will Be Taught an Explicit Curriculum

As per the current curriculum of New Jersey, teachers will explicitly tell first-grade students that choosing their gender identity is up to them, and even if they have body parts of a boy, they can feel like girls.

Another 30-minute lecture titled “Pink, Blue, Purple” aims to teach students the definition of gender, gender roles, and gender identity.

These demands for a parents’ Bill of Rights are arising as even liberal lawmakers are getting inspired by Florida’s conservative Governor Ron DeSantis.

He passed the Parental Rights in Education law, which was dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by many critics. As per that law, the state restricted the ability of teachers to instruct about gender identity and sexual orientation to young students.

The ambitions of New Jersey are just a small part of a bigger campaign led by Biden, who is pushing new radical reforms in curriculums across the country.

Recently, he lambasted GOP governors for banning books that were propagating far-left ideology in America.