Rapper Kanye West Says He’s At War With the Jews

Rapper and failed presidential candidate Kanye West has always been known for having no filter. He’s a man of dramatic changes, perhaps partly due to having bipolar disorder.

His most recent morph was supposedly into a born-again Christian, which “Ye” trumpeted on his latest album. He’s also been in the headlines for a bitter feud against his ex Kim Kardashian and her now-ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

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However, West’s latest behavior has gotten him locked out of his Twitter account after he began tweeting threats against Jewish people.

Ye Goes on Anti-Jewish Tirade

Ye has recently been becoming very focused on Judaism and Jewish people. He recently posted a rant against Jared Kushner and his brother Josh, claiming they sabotaged Trump’s America First agenda, for example.

Ye then followed that up during an interview with Tucker Carlson, where he made hostile comments about Jewish identity.

He then said Kushner’s involvement in crafting the Abraham Accord bringing closer ties between the Arab Gulf states and Israel was just about “money” and not peace.

It began to crank up Sunday evening. Ye started going on rants about how black people were “all Jews,” as well as sharing messages between him and Puff Daddy, where Ye accused the other rapper of messaging him confrontationally on behalf of “the Jews.”

Not done yet, Ye had his account locked down when he then said he would be “death con 3” against the “JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The rapper apparently meant DefCon 3, which is a mid-level stage of defense and fighting readiness in the US military. The highest level of defense readiness is DefCon 1.

Untangling Ye’s Bizarre Meltdown

In his latest new focus, Ye is drawing on some important lies. One of them is the Black Hebrew Israelite (BHM) movement.

A racial supremacist cult that led directly to the murder of Jewish people, this movement falsely claims the Jews of the Bible are black Africans and the ancestors of today’s African American population.

Similarly to the Khazarian conspiracy which claims Jewish people aren’t the “real Jews,” this bizarre falsehood allows anti-Jewish people to spread hate against Jews, while claiming they are “not anti-Semitic.”

This is exactly what Ye is doing here, and it’s childish and ridiculous.

Yes, there are obviously black Jews either through intermarriage or descendants of the Ethiopian, along with other African Jews who descended from King Solomon’s marriage to a black African woman.

However, the idea that African people are the “real Jews” has been used for long enough as an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and needs to be strongly called out.

The Bottom Line

Ye’s mental health problems don’t give him a blank check to issue bizarre threats online. He should take a break and figure out how to get his life back in order and become a force for positive change, instead of racist trolling.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.