Parents Revolt Against Radical Teachings

Democrats’ efforts to orchestrate schools’ curricula by introducing radical narratives have cost them their first elections.

Conservative parents swept Texas school board elections, as voters stepped up to save American values.

Parents’ Verdict: No More Radical Curricula

For a long time, school board elections did not capture much attention, but the case was different this time.

This year’s elections were important because the far-left was propagating critical race theory (CRT) and trying to mainstream sexual grooming for kids as young as seven years old.

Thus, parents decided to launch the first revolt against these radical entities.

Experts believe these elections depict that parents, if organized, can become an unbeatable force in any school district.

Parents have to pay attention to these ground-level politics to save their children.

Another remarkable change reported in this year’s elections was the change in the mindset of the Republican Party, which often endorses non-partisan elections at the school board level.

Though this time, conservatives pulled up their socks as they saw their culture getting damaged by the far-left assault.

This was the reason why big money played a critical role in deciding these school elections.

A Formidable Defeat of the Far-Left

Once considered a low-profile election, the Political Action Committee (PAC), organized by parents, as well as another conservative PAC, accumulated and poured at least half a million dollars into different races.

Most of that money was spent on political consulting firms which tried to run anti-CRT campaigns under the narrative of “Saving America.”

While conservative candidates were leading in many counties, the Tarrant County sweep was notable, as 11 out of 12 conservative candidates won their races.

A Texas cell phone-based company, Patriot Mobile, played a critical role in this success. 

The company donates a small portion of its customers’ phone bills to conservative Christian causes. So, it donated $500,000 to its own PAC named Patriot Mobile Action.

According to campaign data for April, the PAC spent $390,000 campaigning in four Tarrant County districts, while it had $125,000 saved as the elections approached.

These school races became such an important issue that even the chair of the Republican Party of Texas, Matt Rinaldi, put his weight behind conservative candidates ahead of elections.

More than $38,500 was spent on advertising and canvassing for candidates from the school districts of Keller, Mansfield, and Grapevine-Colleyville.

Only one candidate, Craig Tipping, supported by this conservative PAC, did not win and will now head to a runoff election on June 18.

Since the Biden administration stepped up to introduce CRT in public schools and forced districts to teach gender identity-based curriculum, parents have been vocal against these measures.

This was the reason why many Republican states started banning different books that aim to indoctrinate innocent children, who could be exploited by Democrats otherwise.