Reddit Removes Trump-Focused Forum

Last Wednesday’s unfortunate events at the U.S. Capitol paved the way for big tech to employ massive new levels of censorship. Of course, this censorship is presently being directed at President Trump and many of his supporters.

Major tech giants are taking censorship to unprecedented levels. Twitter permanently disabled President Trump’s personal account and campaign account on Friday. Last week, Facebook and Instagram announced indefinite bans on Trump’s accounts; meanwhile, Shopify pulled Trump’s online stores from their service and Snapchat blocked the 45th president from posting.

“President Trump Returns to the White Hou” (Public Domain) by The White House

This is very real…and it appears that big tech is committed to systematically deplatforming Trump. According to Breitbart News, Reddit has taken down the Trump-focused forum known as “r/DonaldTrump.”

Removing the Trump Subreddit

Like other tech giants, Reddit claims that the reason for removing “r/DonaldTrump” from their site deals with violence at the U.S. Capitol from Trump’s supporters. In a statement, Reddit declared that calls for, incitement, or glorification of violence breaches their “site-wide” policies.

Reddit then informed that their company booted the Trump subreddit after “repeated policy violations” following Trump supporters mobbing Capitol Hill. The company also declared that they’ve attempted to make contact with moderators in light of recent occurrences.

A Recurring Pattern

In one way or another, every single platform which has banned the 45th president is listing incitement of violence as the reason. Therefore, the widespread notion suggests that by speaking of election fraud, the president stoked the flames of unrest. Others are accusing Trump of sending his supporters to the Capitol, knowing they’d breach the premises and cause destruction.

Most conservatives and Republicans have condemned the assault upon the U.S. Capitol. However, right-wing social media users, particularly on Twitter, are witnessing significant drops in followers and activity. This appears to suggest that Twitter (and possibly other sites as well) is conducting a mass purge of conservative accounts.

The adverse aftermath of Wednesday’s occurrence continue to materialize and present themselves in multiple ways. Only the passing of time will determine what is next to come. Some Republicans are calling for a reformation of big tech and the subsequent removal of Section 230.

What do you think about Reddit removing the Trump-focused forum from their website? Do you believe big tech is systemically working to silence and deplatform the president of the United States? Let us know in the comment section below.