Relatives of Afghan Family Killed in Botched Airstrike Ask for Compensation

On Saturday, the family of the Afghan aid worker killed in the failed airstrike, together with nine other innocent family members, asked for help to leave Afghanistan. They likewise called to get compensation for the suffering they are experiencing. 

The U.S. government called the “righteous” drone attack a “horrible mistake”

On Friday, 19 days since the U.S. claimed they stopped an ISIS-K terror attack with the “righteous” drone strike, the government admitted it made a “horrible mistake.” 

According to recent reports, the Pentagon, together with the Defense Secretary, revealed that the drone strike made on August 29 killed Zmaray Ahmadi, a longtime aid worker for an organization based in the U.S.  

The attack was made as Ahmadi was parking in the driveway of his house. It claimed the lives of ten victims, including seven innocent children and three brothers of Ahmadi, who all lived together in the home. 

A day after the U.S. drone strike, the family of Ahmadi asked for help to leave the war-torn country and for monetary compensation. Samim Ahmadi, 24-year-old stepson of the Afghan aid worker, stated that they want comfort and peace throughout their remaining years, whether it be in the U.S. or in another country.

He added the U.S. cannot bring back the lives of their loved ones. However, he acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes, and what the people can do for them instead is take them out of the war-torn country. 

Emal Ahmadi, the 32-year-old brother of Zmaray said they do not have money to bury their relatives who died in the attack. They have to borrow funds. 

Ajmal Ahmadi, another brother of Zmaray, also noted they are worried and they feel under threat since their family is so exposed by the media to the public. Now, everyone knows they worked for a foreign organization, worked for the Afghan intelligence agency, and served in the Afghan Army. 

However, despite their frustrations with how the U.S. handled the disastrous airstrike, one brother of the slain Afghan aid worker noted that somehow, they are “happy” the U.S. officials finally recognized the tragic mistake.

The U.S. kept insisting they killed a member of ISIS-K, even though that’s not the case 

Emal reportedly stated the U.S. kept insisting in the past days that they killed a member of ISIS-K, even though that’s not the case. However, they are happy that America finally confirmed the drone strike attacked innocent people and acknowledged the blunder. 

However, the brother of the slain Afghan aid worker now asks for the United States to “punish” the people responsible for killing his family members. He added that they knew and they saw there were children on the ground. He then posed a question, asking if anyone can bring the lives of these children back.

The cry for justice came after the Afghan family criticized the American government for failing to reach out to them and give a personal apology. Romal Ahmadi stated no one helped them or apologized to them.

The U.S. government cannot bring back the lives of their children, brothers, and nephews. However, if they apologize for their mistakes, it might be enough consolation.