Republican National Committee Exceeds Fundraising Expectations

"Republican" (CC BY 2.0) by scootergenius02

As the midterm races of next year get closer, Republicans are mapping out gameplans to put the House and Senate back into their majorities. In order to make this happen, Republican candidates will need to win certain districts, including competitive swing districts. 

“Capital Sunsets on Capital Hill” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk

So far, the GOP is getting off to a start that sets the stage for some 2022 victories. According to Breitbart News, the Republican National Committee successfully garnered nearly $18 million in donations during 2021’s first quarter. 

The Republican National Committee’s First Quarter Fundraising of 2021

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the GOP National Committee, explained that the $17.8 million dollars in donations signals great things for the Republican Party.

As a result of funds raised, the GOP is in a very strong position; this allows Republicans to promote policies that put America first. Republicans can also fight to preserve the integrity of America’s elections while countering big tech’s unfair censorship of conservatives. 

Small donors are largely responsible for the $17.8 million raised by the Republican National Committee. In fact, only 16% of the funds raised came from entities that were not small donors.

This means that Republicans have strong support from everyday Americans; this support is imperative in order for the GOP to retake the Senate and House of Representatives from Democrats. 

The Dangers of One-Party Rule

Right now, the United States federal government is living under a one-party rule. A Democrat president controls the White House; meanwhile, the Senate and House of Representatives are controlled by Democrat lawmakers. 

This forces the United States into a very precarious spot. Democrats have already managed to pass one bill with votes only from their own party; furthermore, Democrats intend to make this the norm. They don’t want to work with Republicans; Democrats simply want to get their way and seize more power, no matter the cost. 

The desire for more power, despite Democrats’ current control of the federal government, is why the left wants to pack the Supreme Court. It’s also why liberal lawmakers and President Biden are openly supportive of making the Democrat-controlled Washington D.C. America’s 51st state. 

In a nutshell, the current one-party rule has emboldened Democrats to seek more power for the purposes of full, permanent control of America. In 2022, Republicans will have a chance to rectify this. 

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