Republican Senate Candidate Faces Racial Slurs in Georgia

Liberal protesters disrupted the press conference of Georgia GOP Senate contender Herschel Walker, on Tuesday.

A bunch of hecklers yelled at Walker while he was speaking to the media outside a tower in Atlanta; here, the church of Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock was evicting tenants for not paying rent.

Walker Faced Racist Comments From a Liberal Heckler

Walker was speaking outside Columbia Towers apartment in Atlanta, which is mostly owned by the church led by Warnock.

In his speech, Walker was highlighting the eviction issue outside the tower; he lashed out at Warnock, asking him why he is treating struggling tenants poorly, despite leading a church.

According to an anonymous reporter of Zuma Press, a protester named Maceo Fletcher yelled Walker was only trying a stunt as he is nothing more than a “house n—–.”

The comments of the protester were mostly inaudible; so some media personnel confronted the heckler while asking him to repeat the slur.

Many bystanders and campaign staffers of Walker also established that protesters were yelling racial slurs against him. 

Meanwhile, liberal reporters neither responded to the protesters, nor did they report the story at a time when conservative reporters were confronting the hecklers.

A Fox News reporter slammed the protester and asked him to repeat his words, but Fletcher ignored the requests.

After the press conference, a spokesperson for Walker’s campaign claimed the heckler did not tell his true name and he was a donor to Warnock’s campaign. 

Hypocrisy of Warnock Exposed

Reportedly, Warnock’s church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, pays a monthly housing stipend of $7,417 to the senator. However, the church was evicting tenants who were unable to pay a small amount of rent.

Previously, the Washington Free Beacon reported Warnock’s church even evicted those tenants who owed only $25 to the church in rent.

One resident of the tower, Phillip White, asserted he received an eviction notice just because he failed to pay $192 to the tower.

Currently, Walker and Warnock are running neck to neck for the Senate seat that could decide the fate of the Senate after the midterm elections.

For a long time, most polls called the race a toss-up between both candidates. However, some recent reports insisted Walker forced his former girlfriend to have an abortion, which significantly turned many voters against the Republican candidate.

Now, Warnock is leading the race with 48% support of voters, while Walker is backed by nearly 45% of voters. Most of the polls are still so close the race is expected to be determined by the support of the swing voters.

The evictions controversy also exposes the hypocrisy of Warnock, who previously supported tenants who fail to pay their rent.

In 2020, Warnock tweeted many Georgian families were vulnerable to evictions, as they could not afford rent in the midst of the pandemic.