Republicans Calling for Afghanistan Accountability, Demanding Biden to RESIGN

Republicans in Congress vowed to hold Biden and his administration accountable for the disaster that happened in Afghanistan; this disaster occurred after the hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan that left 13 U.S. forces and 179 Afghans dead. 

Biden likewise stood by his decision to withdraw U.S. troops by August 31; he did this while leaving 250 more Americans stranded in the war-torn country. 

House Republicans put together a bill to rescue Americans who are still stuck in Afghanistan

To handle the consequences of the withdrawal, House Republicans are putting together a bill that aims to help Americans who are still stuck in Afghanistan; this bill is also designed to hold Biden and his administration accountable for the disastrous situation.

The bill authored by Republican Representative Mike Gallagher also seeks to ask that Taliban forces not be recognized as the Afghanistan government. It likewise aims to deter any assistance to the Taliban. 

Gallagher noted that now the U.S. has Americans stranded in Afghanistan. The Taliban forces are also now in charge of modern weaponry that they have never had in the past. Meanwhile, the U.S. border is open. 

Republican representatives slammed Democrats for failing to support the bill after they publicly asked for the same

On the other hand, Gallagher slammed Democrats for failing to support the bill. He claimed that the bill aims to achieve the same goal that Democrats previously asked for in public. 

The Republican representative noted that the bill is exactly what other Democrats have been wanting. They also asked Biden to abandon the August 31 deadline.

However, when it came to the moment of truth on the House floor, all Democrats who were publicly voicing their desire to save Americans in Afghanistan voted against the bill. Gallagher added that the votes of Republicans against the bill were made in order to protect the passage of the budget pushed by Bernie Sanders. 

Republican lawmakers later slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to attend either the session to vote for the bill or the moment of silence for the fallen 13 U.S. military members.

Republicans also emphasized how it is a shame that not a single Democrat attended the moment of silence; however, perhaps they should not be surprised anymore.

Other than President Biden, the House Republicans are also calling Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to resign from their posts, due to the “overwhelming failure” of the administration.

Representative Clay Higgins noted that if Biden still has an ounce of respect for his 50 years of service to America, he should move forward and help the healing of the nation. Biden can do this by uniting America to get past the nightmare created by his administration.

Higgins then begged the president to resign.