Republicans Just Won the Support of Traditional Democrat Voter Groups

New polls are indicating that Republicans have a solid lead for the upcoming midterm elections.

Even those voter groups that are traditionally aligned with the Democrat Party are inclining toward the GOP.

Latino, Young Voters Slipping Away From Democrats

For a long time, the Latino community supported Democrats.

However, in a recent NPR and Marist poll, 52% of Latino voters depicted they would vote for Republicans, compared to 39% who sided with Democrats.

Not only this, but Democrats are also losing support among voters younger than 45.

As per the same survey, 50% of these voters said they would vote for Republicans, while 45% of them were said to vote for Democrats.

Both of these voting groups are traditionally aligned with Democrats, so their withdrawal is likely to be a major setback for the party.

Almost 59% of voters between 18 and 29, and 55% between 30 and 49 years old voted for Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Though this is not the only sign of worry for Democrats, as Independent voters are also walking away from them.

Swing voters who play a key role in deciding the course of any elections are bidding on the Republican Party for the November elections. 45% of them said they would vote for Republicans, while 38% suggested going with Democrats.

By combining all of the voter groups, 47% are likely to support Republicans, while 44% can support Democrats.

Republicans’ Impressive Performances in Generic Congressional Polls

Democrats have outperformed Republicans in one generic congressional ballot after the next.

Even though Republicans captured Congress many times in past races, they still lagged in congressional pre-polls.

This is the first time they have been leading a generic ballot since 2014, which is a warning sign for Democrats six months before the elections.

Similarly, Biden’s approval rating is also in a nosedive, as only 41% of voters approved of his performance, while 51% disapproved. Among those who are not happy with the president, 37% strongly disapproved of his presidency.

The primary issue of concern for Democrats is the deteriorating economy of the country, which has been suffering since the start of Biden’s tenure.

In this regard, 42% of voters believed that Republican leadership would have done better in the economic sector, while only 26% claimed Democrats are doing well in handling the economy.

Similarly, 41% of voters asserted that Republican leadership would take better steps in curbing skyrocketing inflation.

Contrary to this, only 20% of voters thought that Biden was well-equipped to regulate prices.

Amid the rising wave of violent crimes, voters also suggested Republicans would lead the nation better in handling these crimes.

Protecting gun rights, national security, and the American border from illegal immigrants were also some of the avenues where voters put their trust in Republicans.

1,377 adults took part in the polls, which were conducted between April 19 to 26.