Republicans Plan to Expose Biden on First Inauguration Anniversary

House Republicans are pulling up their socks to highlight Joe Biden’s failures on the first inauguration ceremony. The GOP will convey that they have better solutions to persisting problems in the country.

Republicans to grill Biden on his first inauguration anniversary

Fox News Digital obtained a memo in which conservative Congressman Jim Banks noted the GOP would reflect on Biden’s crucial policy failures in front of Americans.

Mentioned in the memo are Biden’s “self-made crises,” including border issues, the supply chain predicament, big tech tussles, China, the Middle East, and the situation of American democracy unfolding in the form of diluting faith in the country’s electoral infrastructure.

According to Republicans’ memo, Americans are reflecting their opinions against Biden in the polls, as the approval rating of the president dropped to 33 percent in the latest polls.

While mentioning the border crisis in the memo, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) accused Biden of leaving the US-Mexico border open, paving the way for illegal immigrants to come and settle in America.

The RSC proposed solutions that maintain law and order is the only way to solve the persisting border crisis; the sole purpose of the border policy should be to keep Americans’ interests in good positions.

Similarly, Republicans believe the surging inflation is due to Democrats’ proposed socialistic measures, which they are passing to flood money into the American economy.

Contrary to this, RSC mentioned their House rule in the memo, according to which committees would be responsible for measuring the impacts of any bill on inflation and making sure no measure is passed that would destroy the US economy.

Biden destroyed school curriculums, empowered big tech and China

In addition to that, Democrats are promoting critical race theory in US schools and forcing the closure of educational institutions by empowering the teachers’ unions.

However, the Parents Bill of Rights, which Republicans introduced in Congress, would help parents have better control over the education of their kids, the memo mentioned.

Not only this, but Republicans are trying to safeguard school choice, protect girls’ sports, and defend the fair curriculum that needs to be introduced in schools.

According to the Republican memo, conservatives back the Qualified Immunity Act to save the police from unnecessary penalties if they unintentionally make any mistake on their job.

Likewise, the RSC blamed Biden’s vaccine mandate for creating the supply chain crisis.

The Biden administration is trying to safeguard big tech’s interests, even though they claim they censor “disinformation” on these platforms, the memo stated.

On the other hand, Republicans mentioned their various bills in the memo which they believe can rein in big tech and help save American interests.

In relation to the China issue, House Republicans wrote that Biden has given power to China, which is ultimately using the leverage to exploit Americans in various domains.

Likewise, the RSC expressed the Republicans’ Countering Communist China Act is the only way to control Chinese ambitions.