Republicans Push Back on Trump’s Criticism of Joe O’Dea

In the current midterms, every single election makes a difference. Democrats’ majorities in the House and Senate are narrow, meaning that one race can make or break the chamber at large.

Republicans, therefore, are putting all their energies into winning as many races as possible. One of those races has moderate Colorado Republican Joe O’Dea up against Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet.

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As O’Dea campaigns for the Senate, he’s been clear that he doesn’t want Trump running for office in the 2024 presidential election. The Colorado Republican likewise says that if Trump runs for president again, he will actively campaign against Trump.

This led to Trump blasting O’Dea as a “Republican in Name Only” who “MAGA” supporters won’t vote for. According to The Hill, some GOP members who are invested in O’Dea defeating Bennet aren’t happy with Trump’s criticism.

Coming to O’Dea’s Defense

North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer is one of the Republicans who cautioned against Trump’s remarks about O’Dea. Cramer warned this could hurt not just O’Dea, but also the GOP’s chances of regaining the majority in the Senate. 

The North Dakota congressman then said Trump’s “individual personal offenses” can’t override what’s in the best interests of the United States.

In making this point, Cramer said that if Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went after every single GOP candidate who was critical of him, it would be impossible for Republicans to have a fighting chance.

One Republican operative pointed out that victory in a state such as Colorado means getting as many votes as possible.

More From O’Dea on Trump

Criticism from the former president hasn’t made O’Dea walk back his comments. In fact, the Colorado Republican doubled down on his views just earlier this week.

O’Dea said the 2024 presidential election needs to be a referendum on Biden’s failures as a leader, rather than a “rehash” of the most recent White House race. On top of this, O’Dea also warned that a 2.0 of the 2020 presidential race will end up ripping the country apart.

Some alternative GOP candidates that O’Dea said he’d support in 2024 are Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, and Sen. Tim Scott.

The Colorado Republican believes the United States needs to move forward from both Trump and Biden.

In spite of the recent drama, certain GOP members believe the negative impacts of Trump’s comments against O’Dea could be minimal since Colorado isn’t really viewed as a pro-Trump state.

What do you think about the latest friction to emerge between Colorado Senate candidate Joe O’Dea and former President Trump? Do you believe the former president’s comments will make a difference as O’Dea looks to unseat the current Democratic incumbent?

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.