Republicans Refuse to Let Biden Pass the Buck on September Jobs Report


The president of the United States is a fraud. Biden, while running for office, professed that he would unify the country and build back better. The only things Biden’s unified are job loss, a crisis at the southern border, and other problems.

The only thing Biden’s building back is debt and animosity between Americans. The country is on life support because the president does not have our best interests at heart.

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Last month’s jobs report just became public and it’s not a good look. America failed to produce the number of jobs predicted by economists; yet, Biden, in his typical fashion, remains in denial.

Just as the president is lying that his $3.5 trillion package won’t cost above $0.00, he’s also deceitfully trying to make Americans believe that a bad jobs report is a good jobs report. Thankfully, GOP lawmakers are calling the president out and refusing to let him run this con, per Fox Business.

The Disappointing September 2021 Jobs Report

Regarding last month, economists stated that America should have added a sum of 500K jobs. Unfortunately, thanks to Biden’s anti-worker, anti-business mandates and policies, America only added 194K jobs.

This is not good news. This is not a win. Yet, in Biden’s remarks about this jobs report last week, he tried to feign as if the jobs report is a good thing and a sign of progress in the United States.

Everyone knows better. Even CNN and CNBC acknowledged that the findings from the aforementioned report aren’t a good look. Furthermore, several Republican lawmakers jumped on Biden, refusing to let him tell these outright falsehoods with impunity.

GOP lawmakers declared Biden must stop incentivizing Americans not to work. Likewise, Republicans also called out Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates which are leading to mass firings and resignations across the country.

The censure from the GOP comes as the Jobs Creators Network recently slammed Biden over the September 2021 jobs report.

Like Republican elected officials, the Job Creators Network maintains that Biden must cease his war on small businesses and get out of the way so the economy can heal.

Time for a Change in American Leadership

Biden never should have gotten into office. His actions regarding the Afghanistan pullout and allowing the U.S.-Mexico border to deteriorate so profoundly are both grounds for his impeachment and removal from office.

However, with Democrats controlling the Senate and House, it’s virtually impossible to get Biden booted out of office. In the meantime, Republicans must work on taking back the House and Senate from Democrats during the 2022 midterms.

If this happens, impeachment could be a realistic possibility. Moreover, with Republicans controlling the House and Senate, they’ll be in the best position to halt the worst impulses of the current president.