Republicans Schooled AG Garland Over DOJ Poor Performance

Republicans scolded US Attorney General Merrick Garland on various issues during his congressional hearing. These issues included his inability to prosecute Hunter Biden’s financial mismanagement and suing parents for getting involved in their children’s education.

Merrick Garland Attempting to Kill Parents’ Rights Via His New Memo

Jim Jordan, a Republican from the House Judiciary Committee, criticized the Attorney General for opening the “snitch line” on parents. Jordan said the Department of Justice (DOJ) is going after parents who are against the hatred-based curriculum in American schools.

Recently, the DOJ issued a memo promising to take action on threats from “domestic terrorists” threatening teachers and school facilities.

When Jordan took the floor, he ripped through committee chairman Jerrold Nadler’s opening remarks. Nadler said, in the beginning, Trump’s DOJ was driven by political interests.

Jordan said when the National School Board Association asked Biden for the FBI’s assistance with school programs, the DOJ immediately jumped into the matter and issued a memorandum.

The Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee likewise scolded Merrick Garland for failing to respond to DOJ letters, noting out of the 13 letters to the DOJ, the Attorney General failed to respond to eight of them.

Jordan also reprimanded the Attorney General for not prosecuting Democrats for police defunding; according to him, violent crimes have increased in almost all cities in which the ruling party defunded the security agencies.

Jordan denounced the top prosecutor of the country, saying Americans are afraid of liberties given to them under the First Amendment declining. Ranging from mask and vaccine mandates, the Biden administration is trying to snatch people’s liberties in every possible manner.

Steve Chabot, a Republican congressman, said the country could not afford to have vast expansion in the federal government’s power to influence parents’ involvements in school.

Despite receiving much criticism from the Republican ranks, the Attorney General defended his memo that intends to curb parents’ participation in their children’s schools. Parents are also disapproving of the controversial memo, as a group of parents in Michigan sued the Attorney General for curbing their freedom of speech and expression.

Attorney General Didn’t Guarantee Investigation into Hunter Biden’s Financials

Another Republican lawmaker, Ken Buck, asked Garland about the financial misdealings of Hunter Biden and the DOJ’s failure to sue him. After showing two paintings from famous painters and telling their sale prices, Buck showed Hunter Biden’s painting, saying it was sold for $100,000.

The Republican congressman also noted Americans have no way to know if the Biden campaign was funded by America’s adversaries purchasing Hunter Biden’s paintings at such a high price.

Buck further added Hunter Biden should cancel these sales, as he got the money from the influence of his dad and not his own ability. However, the Attorney General still did not guarantee he would initiate an investigation against the president’s son.

As Republican lawmakers asked tough questions from Merrick Garland, Democrats refrained from doing so and kept him in his comfort zone.