Republicans Set to Win the Majority of House Seats

"Capitol dome from west side" by Ben Schumin

Just slightly over a month ago, there were already signs of a Republican takeover in areas previously considered to be dominantly blue, such as Rhode Island, where the GOP hasn’t won in the past 30 years.

However, things are changing, mainly in the favor of the Republican Party.

Democrats had their funds stretched thin and wide trying to cover so many losing races, causing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to pull out of some of them entirely, ultimately losing.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Midterm elections will be a clean sweep for the GOP if Biden keeps this up

All of this comes on the heels of Biden losing support from minority groups across the country, starting with the Latino community.

It rapidly shifted towards a right-leaning mindset as the Biden administration failed to address some glaring issues in these past two years.

House races aren’t the only thing though. The Democrat Party is also struggling with the races for Senate seats, once again caused by the president’s plummeting popularity rating, which currently sits in the low 30s.

In fact, some members of Congress have gone out of their way to avoid making public appearances alongside Joe, knowing his very presence can ruin someone’s image.

The best example of this was Cheri Beasley, the Democrat candidate for the North Carolina Senate seat. She couldn’t provide a clear answer multiple times when asked whether she’d stand on stage alongside the president.

Biden’s approval rating underwater in key states

A Civiqs poll might clear up exactly why she was so hesitant to answer such an elementary question. The president seems to be 13 points underwater in North Carolina, meaning the very mention of his name could bury someone’s political career.

That’s exactly what’s happening in every battleground state where the two parties are brawling over a Senate seat, with Biden’s approval rating average in all of them being in the low 30s and continuously dropping.

On average, the president is 15 points underwater in seven top Senate swing states, causing panic among Democrats who now have less than a month to prepare for the losses they’ll face on November 8th.

All of this is exactly why Biden wasn’t seen campaigning alongside his party members, regardless of whether they’re House or Senate candidates; it’s become clear he’s no longer welcome in his own party.

With some luck, the GOP could dominate the midterm elections next month, allowing for some crucial changes to be made, including the long-proposed idea of impeaching Biden, who’s proven himself to be unfit for the role.

Until then, the only thing left to do is watch the Democrat Party collapse in on itself, as they try to patch up what little support they have left ahead of the November elections.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.